Just Getting By

God's Waiting Room

Tonight I was driving home, I passed by the home of my former accountant that managed the “books” at my facility. She was a super-nice lady, who would talk incessantly on the phone about her three daughters, two dogs and her cat. We would chat almost daily about work related issues; prolonging the conversation with personal chatter. She was enjoyable to talk to.

One day we chatted about her children. She explained how difficult it was to “get by” on the salary her firm paid her. She told me the cost associated with raising three girls and their ongoing need for clothing, softball uniforms, chorus dresses, ballet outfits and  other school activities. 

“Some weeks, we just get by. We may split the last glass of orange juice four ways, but somehow we always get by. We may want more than we have, but we manage. Every day changes and brings…

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