This is a very popular word or let me just say a reinvented ‘phrase’ that has graced our South African youth’s lingo. The phrase’s roots and origins however, remain a series of convoluting tiny puzzle pieces that even Sir Newton would have neglected. For this reason, the phrase is widely misunderstood.

But what is swagga really? To understand this, we will need to first dissect this frog – swagg.

Swagg is shining dopeness, its cool redefined, exquisite freshness and all things pimpin’ in ya capacity. Catch ma drift?

And swagga is attitude, personality and swagg all stashed up in one fix.

You’re probably aint drippin’ swaggu if you think swagga is another one of ‘a youth gone astray’ type of movements. Swagga is a revolution, because it’s not televised, swagga is unclear.

Anyway such a very simple and sophisticated phenomenon does not need to be confusing.

Swagga is cool, it…

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Your Reflection



o r i g i n a t e s

u n v e i l s

b e g e t s

r a d i a t e s

b r i n g s

r e f l e c t



A big thank you to Kirsten at http://kirstenuninterrupted.wordpress.com/ who has complied a list of thirty types of poems for the month. I will be trying some of them. This one is called the Brevette and is only three lines but I decided to write a few. The last one doesn’t exactly fit but hey, that’s me!

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Subjects in Distress

This is a good read.

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“My History with Mathematics is rather Shambolic,

The marks in Physics were always Economic.

The Chemistry between me and Biology scored NADA,

Machines took me close to Paranoia.

English, the only class that drew attention,

Lacked sumption.

Digital Circuits don’t deserve a mention,

Analog Circuits – mystery of the tron (electron and proton).

Computer Science was the only solace,

The teacher though, never liked my face.

Could never speak in a viva,

Sanskrit filled my mouth with saliva.

Hindi, for it is my mother tongue,

Handed me marks in a pump.”


It’s quite ironic that no education system teaches us how to use the tools of life when it’s life that turns out as the best teacher, mentor and guide for the rest of your life. Even more ironic and rather sad is, none of the skills I learned in my school or college are helping me make my living. Nothing helps except humanity and…

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