What a Wonderful World


Life is a glorious adventure. We are given opportunities to learn lessons and to face challenges. We are given happy times to make joyful memories and we are given times of such amazing joy, we need to pinch ourselves to see if it is real.  Life is golden and bright white light and it is such a good thing to be alive.


Life is also like that coin in your pocket. The one you flip and choose heads or tails with. Life can be painful and terrifying, it can be a waking nightmare. Ask a veteran what they think. Life can break your heart into small pieces. You can hear it crack open in the silence of your life. Life can produce as much darkness as it can light. It can take away your ability to trust and it can give you the friend who will be by your side for a score of years or more. Life can bring you shock or happy reverie and smooth sailing or rough seas.


So, in reality, life is a combination of events which can enrich and strengthen us or break us and leave us like a wounded bird at the bottom of a tree. What makes the difference?  We do. We are responsible for the outcome. We are not responsible for what life drops in our laps, but we are responsible for what we choose to do with it


Some people have rough lives and have a struggle year after year. Some of these people will rise up out of the mire and pull themselves up. Some will reach up to pull another person down with them. Some face terrifying heartache and loneliness and will do all that is humanly possible to make everyone around them as miserable as they are. Some choose to fill their hearts with an acid that damages their broken hearts even more than they were and are guaranteed to make someone else’s heart hurt as much as their own heart does.


Some people allow themselves to be so damaged, and seek no treatment for their damaged bodies, hearts and souls. Others will choose to seek help. To seek medication if necessary. Some will turn from the light that is in their lives and will seek to blot out that light wherever it can be found. Science hasn’t figured out yet why two people can go through the same horrible experiences and yet one will become a serial killer and one will spend their life trying to make the world better. Doctors and scientists are trying alternative measures to help people completely heal so that the remainder of their years on this plane can be filled with more light and love than they would otherwise have. Some choose to sneak around in the dark and making others suffer for what has happened to them. It is the innocent that they hurt. Perpetuating the problem and the pain.


It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, or which God you believe in. It doesn’t matter if life bent you or broke you. Each day is your choice. What are you going to do to make this world a wonderful place for yourself and for others? Tomorrow morning is a chance for you to make a new choice or to reinforce the ones you have all ready made.


No one can make this choice for anyone else. Never allow anyone to make it for you, even if your life is on the line. Each day wake up knowing you are what you are and you will make life easier, smoother and more loving for someone else. Or you will wake up, angry, resentful, bitter and try to make someone else feel the same way you do. I choose the love, joy, compassion, kindness and peace. That is my decision every day no matter what happens.











Before I Go

Allison Grayhurst


Before I Go


Before I go

and put out the campfire,

offering my condolences

to the abandoned child,

I will let my grief go first.

I will dispel it as energy

gathered between my palms, then blow it

like seeds of transformation out of my blood

and into a happy beginning.

Now I will go. Summer is here and my sorrow

has lost its footing. I will make a collage of

my crashed expectations, peel away the crust

until I unveil a flower.

Talking is useless, right now, only moving matters,

walking away from an impossible situation,

releasing the ghost to haunt its four corners,

releasing my failure

to create love.



Copyright © 2010 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles”

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You can listen to the poem by clicking below:


“Allison Grayhurst intertwines a potent spirituality

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‘BLOOD MOON’ RISING Total lunar eclipse to take center stage in night sky -Total Lunar Eclipse Special- Live


Started on Apr 15, 2014

On the night of April 14th, two significant and spectacular events will take place simultaneously, as Mars reaches its closest point to Earth while the Moon will be totally eclipsed. Slooh will present these events in real time, starting with coverage of Mars at 7 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT / 02 UTC (4/15) (International Times) from Slooh’s telescopes off the west coast of Africa in the Canary Islands and transitioning to coverage of the Total Lunar Eclipse starting at 11 PM PDT / 2 AM EDT (4/15) / 06 UTC (4/15) (International Times) with live feeds from throughout North America. Viewers can watch free on Slooh.com or by downloading the Slooh iPad app. The live image stream will be hosted by Slooh Observatory Director Paul Cox and Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, who will be reporting live from Prescott Observatory

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Reblogging a very important post … in case you missed it!!

It Is What It Is


~~January 10, 2014~~

Patty …. from http://petitemagique.wordpress.com …. has noticed and has been dealing with a problem that needs addressing.

I’m taking the liberty of copying here part of one of her post because I had reblogged it already. Seems that the problems continue …. that’s why I’m here addressing her concerns one more time.



~~In her very own words~~

*Pardon my language on this one guys, but I really can’t find another word for these people! If it’s upsets you, just don’t read it.*

Most of us have been visit by an online asshole at least once. These are people who scout the blogosphere to find people they can leave a nasty comment to wreck their day. Yes, I know, we should ignore them. But I can’t. Because they are harassing people I care for as well. So I…

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