It’s Getting Hotter in the Kitchen

Southern American Cook, Paula Dean

Southern American Cook, Paula Dean

Here in America we have a plethera of celebrity chefs. I am sure that most countries do also. We have television channels devoted to cooking. One of the celebrity chefs is Paula Dean on the Food Channel.

I will be up front and say I am not a fan, though I love to cook. Her recipes are very fat- and cholesterol-laden, in my opinion. I, myself prefer a more sophisticated palate.

But I digress. Paula Dean has been in the news recently because she has given us a glimpse of Paula Dean the human being. I am afraid it is not a pretty picture. I normally would not even mention my opinion of a celebrity, but Ms. Dean has let a bit of her true personality out. She used a racial slur. She called someone a n…..

Now she says it was a slip of the tongue. Perhaps she means like when a man calls a woman a bitch. In all my years, I have not heard anyone have a slur “slip” out. It has never come out of my mouth.

I fear that Paula Dean, like many others in the world are “closet racists.” With a President of color in the White House, I believe many are attempting to be more careful with their language.The first time our President Barak Obama was elected, I thought we had actually moved into the twenty-first century. I am disappointed to find that many have carried their hatred into the shadows to avoid the glare of the light.

I admire the fact that Ms. Dean’s sons have defended her, however, I think it would have been better to remain quiet. The Food Channel has fired her and I feel with good reason. The fact that sales of her cookbooks have risen tells me we have many more closet racists.

If you are not a racist, I believe it is wise to send a message to those who discriminate and not to add to their coffers. Buying her books and assisting in making her wealthy is not a good message to send to the young people and children.

Behavior like this should not be rewarded. Now Ms. Dean is not the first celebrity to open their mouth and have a racial slur “accidentally” drop out of their mouths. They have been called to task and have lost jobs and endorsements.

We are one beautiful human race. Our bodies work the same and our brains all have the same neurons. It is all about how we use what we have been given. Racists are misusing the wonderful gift of their hearts and minds.

Hair color, race, religion, culture, intelligence are all superficial. Whether you are a Jew, an Italian, a Korean, a Buddhist, a vegetarian or a pacifist, is all skimming the depths of what we are. What kind of person are we in the deep dark recesses of our hearts and souls?

There is just one World, one Love and one Divinity. We were all created equal and in equality and love we must live together on this one planet, Mother Earth.

Paula Dean

Paula Dean

12 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hotter in the Kitchen

  1. Heartafire says:

    It is sad to see the ugliness beneath the surface. Unfortunately closet bigots can be uncovered among all the races.

  2. prayingforoneday says:

    Shocking. I live in one of the most racist places on Earth and even for me this is awful. From all the way here in Scotland, I can feel the hatred. These things are NOT a slip of the tongue.

    Also, see you have the Award I created.. 🙂
    I track it all over… lol

  3. Although I do not condone Mrs. Dean use of that word as a Christian I forgive her just as Our Lord has forgiven me for my many transgressions against him and others!

    • That is very compassionate of you. However remember the temple. It is also important to be responsible for our actions. Ms. Dean must be responsible. After that, we can forgive her. In harmony and peace, Barbara.

  4. miladynotes says:

    I don’t khow what was more disturbing, her using the slur or planning Southern style wedding, it is terrible that people still think that way.
    Barbara, I love your blog. Thank you for voicing your opinion. Have a great weekend.

  5. We see beneath the surface everyday. That she, like so many others believe it is just fine now that she has said “oops, sorry didn’t mean for that to slip right on out there,” well shame on her and others.

    It isn’t just fine. Never has been just fine and we all need to hold her and others accountable.

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