Miami Survived the Heat



The Miami Heat closed out their series with the Pacers with a win on Monday. The Pacers delivered all but one  of the Heat’s post-season losses to them; the other one came from Chicago Bulls. To me, all the games the the Heat won in this series were false wins because of bad calls, lucky shots, and/or their infamous “flopping”. I really hate this kind of playoff series in sports. The “dirty” team gets lucky and tries their best to cheat all the way through the series, but they win fair and square in the final game. In this case, one cannot accuse the Heat of anything…because they won fair and square. Now that the Heat has survived the Pacers, they will have to face the San Antonio Spurs, which is the team to beat in the playoffs this year. It will be a very interesting NBA Finals as…

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Inner Peace Award

Summer kindly nominated for the Inner Peace award.

The only Rule for this lovely award, dedicated to those who, through their own inner peace, promote peace in the world, is that when passing it on, a few kind words be said.

Each of the following help to bring a little more peace to the world, and to my soul and I am ever appreciative of them all.

I am pleased to pass this award on:

1) Professions for Peace

2) CravesAdventure

3) CrowingCroneJoss

4) KarenWan

5) adinparadise

6) Rev Dani Lynn

7) Petchary

Semper Fidelis



Thank you  so much, TersiaBurger for nominating me for the new “Semper Fidelis” Award.  I am honored to be part of your “pack”

Patty, @ created this wonderful award. This is a new award, and I am among the first to be nomidated, and I am so very grateful!.

Patty says The “Semper Fidelis Award” means “Always Faithful” in English. From Patty: ”I created this award because I wanted to do something special for my friends on WordPress. Semper Fidelis is Latin and means Always Loyal. Loyalty means the world to me. I am very loyal myself, but I’ve got major trust issues as well. And I think trust is very important if you are sharing so much of yourself with people you meet through the internet. So I am working on that!

Why the wolves? Because wolves have very strong ties with their pack. Like a family or a great group of friends. And I just love them!

This award stands for the loyalty and love between friends”

The Rules:

Add the Semper Fidelis Award logo somewhere on your blog.
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Nominate 5 bloggers whose loyalty and friendship you value and whom you consider being part of your ‘pack of wolves’ on WordPress.
Post something special for all of your nominees separately and dedicate it to them. This can be a quote, saying, poem, picture, anything you think that would fit that person.
Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them.
I now nominate My Wolf Pack.

1) JuiseppiB  Juiseepi, aka The ObamaCrat, is always there for me, with advice, support and encouragement.  I would not be the blogger I am without him; he has given me courage to post things I might otherwise have shied away from, and from that I am forever grateful.

2) MountainMae, my BFF, who has always had my back, my heart and who taught me how to blog.

3) Shian I love what she writes, how clear her head is and how well she puts her ideas.

4) ClanMother  Her blogs are always inspiring, and always make me think about things in a new way

5) Pujakins   An old and dear friend, re-discovered on WordPress, to my delight and gratitude.

A Possible Cancer Cluster

Raly for life at fairgrounds

Relay for life at fairgrounds

While visiting my daughter and her family; the Fabulous Floozies were making the final preparations along with schools and churches and other groups of men and women who care about the amazingly large amount of deaths due to Cancer. Officials believe there is a possible Cancer Cluster. A study will be beginning at a local college to investigate and see if there is a Cancer Cluster there and what is causing it.

Booth set up by Fabulous Floozies

For my daughter, several of her husband’s family have lost their battle with Cancert. Her BBF, Karen died last year after her third struggle with a cancer that started in her breast. She left a Navy husband and two children near the ages of my grands.They are all struggling to carry on. My daughter is struggling with her grief and loss. It breaks my heart.She has another friend who is recovering from a double mastectomy.

The luminaries completely encircled a space larger than a football field.

The luminaires completely encircled a space larger than a football field.

I met survivors, caring people who want to work to help end Cancer’s hold on their town. There were schools, churches, women’s groups, and groups of people who came together to give of themselves to stop this unseen killer, They sold food and pop, bands played and people hugged each other and many tears were shed. There was dancing and singing for 24 hours.

Surviviors walked with crutches, canes and wheelchairs

Surviviors walked with crutches, canes and wheelchairs

They work all year to earn money for cancer research. The results of this research has the potential of identifying the cluster and saving the lives of people in this small town. My prayers are with them. My hopes are with them. Please remember these women, men and children who are affected on so many levels.

At dusk, they lit the luminaries and it was very movingI am dedicating this blog to Karen and Iris. I pray they find the Cancer Cluster and  stop the cruel  hold Cancer has on this Eastern North Carolina county and town, I was impressed by the dedication of the thousands of people who live in the county and once again I remembered how much we can accomplish when we work together for good.

All photographs were taken by Barbara Mattio and Copyrighted 2013.