The Heat is in Miami



       As Memorial Day passes, summer is almost here. It always gets hot in Miami around this time of year, but this year, it is ESPECIALLY hot. Just eleven months ago, LeBron James led the Miami Heat to a national championship (his first). Now, James and company have a tied series on their hands at 2-2 with the Indiana Pacers. However, this is only the Eastern Conference Finals, not the National Championship. Meanwhile, the old-but-lethal San-Antonio Spurs will have close to two weeks to prepare for their next opponent, whether it be Indiana or Miami. If the Heat do indeed find a way to muddle through this series with two wins against Eddie George and the Pacers, they will still have to face the red-hot Spurs for the national title.

       The Pacers are a tough, solid team that dominates the boards…

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Creative drawing

Creative drawing

My best friend just introduced my to a new form of creative drawing. It is called Zentangle. It is created from a collection of patterns not meant to represent anything. It speaks from the heart of the artist and the observer can find within the pattern whatever s/he can see.

The pattern is small but intricate in detail. I have found that I like pen and ink for these exercises. This form of creative drawing allows the artist to become comfortable letting his/her instincts take over and guide us. For a creative person, this is essential to the creative process. But the results of the process also allow us to develop a trust in our gut feelings and our inner guidance. I like that several results are possible. Practicing Zentangle allows one to look at your work and/or life from many angles and to trust “what you know.”

Following a plan in art and life is often a good thing but to spontaneously follow the inner voice allows us to open up and experience some of the alternatives available to us in life. For a creative person, the plan is not always the right way for us. We need to also follow what we know to be true.  Opening yourself to unplanned discovery is an easy way to walk down your path in life and determine which fork in the road is right for you.

The lack of plans and the tangles allow room for the unexpected to occur. This is true in your art and also in life. Without expectations you can see what you receive from your heart. The unexpected is allowed to bloom and to flourish. This is what leads us to greatness. Living in accord with the needs of your own soul instead of with what others want from you is precisely the beginning of the authentic life; the life you and all of us were meant to live on this plane. So I encourage you to open yourself up and see what is within your heart and soul. Relax and enjoy. You may actually be more creative than you would have ever thought was possible.

Be authentic and walk your truth.

Be authentic and walk your truth.