Another Guest Blog — Sorry

Yes, it’s another Guest Blog from Idealisticrebel’s sister, and you know by now that this is NOT good news.

Barbara is very sick — asthmatic bronchitis, but we caught it before it turned into full blown pneumonia. She spent a day in the hospital on oxygen but is home now.  The nurse at the hospital told her that she was sicker than she thought (which I told her, but I’m just the little sister and she doesn’t listen 😉 ). We were also told she will get worse before she gets better, but hopefully not too much worse.   She is weak but recuperating.

I will keep giving you updates every couple days or so, but I would not expect much of her wit, wisdom and rebellion for a couple of days, at least.

Keep her in your prayers, please. She will be following you all, still and I know that she will love to hear from you!

Excellence Award


I am truly, truly grateful that people think my writing is worthwhile.  Your opinions mean a great deal to me, and your support and loyalty keep me going.

Thank you everyone, for all you do — and especially the wonderful Dr Rex who gave me this award.

I would like to pass this award on to the following wonderful bloggers, truly examples of excellence.  Please pass it on to at least 10 people who follow you.  Your nominees should be deserving and someone who hasn’t won many awards this year. Don’t forget to let your nominator know you accepted!

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A Brief history of Terrorism within the United States:

Sad that on a holiday we have to think about terrorism. Let’s change this fact in 2014. Hugs, Barbara

Gareth Bryant...


I was just thinking of the following:

Whenever Islamophobes talk about “Homegrown-Terrorism/Terrorists”, they always neglect to reflect upon the history of Terrorism, within the annals of our very own American-History. I had debating with a fellow online writer/blogger (, because this person was making the claim that “since 1980, Muslims in the U.S. have been 35 times more likely to commit terror than all other demographics combined.”…by the way, the author of this blogpost also stated, “Reports of bombings, shootings, stabbings and even beheadings by terrorists cross the newswire each day.” he mentioned “stabbings, shootings” as acts of Terror done by Terrorists, so, by definition, Muslims can’t be 35 times more likely to commit acts of Terror, because Muslims still account for less than 10% of the U.S.-Population. So, how could it possibly be that a demographic that’s less than 10% be 35 times more likely to commit crimes…

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“As the world makes merry this festive season, the people of Gaza have deliberately, cruelly, been deprived of fuel by Israel for two months: They suffer in freezing temperatures, with no electricity, no light, no heat, scarcity of food, no essential services. “

If this is true it is so wrong. Israel please stop doing what was done to you.

Random Candidate

“When the waste water treatment plant stopped functioningsewage flooded the streets. Then kicking families while they are down so low, Israel opened dams east of Gaza drowning hope and the last vestiges of normal life.”



Appeal to the Pope here:

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