Another Guest Blog — Sorry

Yes, it’s another Guest Blog from Idealisticrebel’s sister, and you know by now that this is NOT good news.

Barbara is very sick — asthmatic bronchitis, but we caught it before it turned into full blown pneumonia. She spent a day in the hospital on oxygen but is home now.  The nurse at the hospital told her that she was sicker than she thought (which I told her, but I’m just the little sister and she doesn’t listen 😉 ). We were also told she will get worse before she gets better, but hopefully not too much worse.   She is weak but recuperating.

I will keep giving you updates every couple days or so, but I would not expect much of her wit, wisdom and rebellion for a couple of days, at least.

Keep her in your prayers, please. She will be following you all, still and I know that she will love to hear from you!

22 thoughts on “Another Guest Blog — Sorry

  1. quiall says:

    You have a good heart and a strong will. I will keep in my prayers. Be well my friend, be well.

  2. oh Barbara, take care of you, get tons of rest and listen to your little sister!!

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    We are so thinking about you!! Need to get better. Start the new year well …. hugs and healing energy your way!! 🙂

  4. tobyo says:

    oh no! please tell her I’m thinking about her and I do hope she is better very soon!

  5. Please tell her that she is in our thoughts and I hope she will feel better soon!
    Lots of love Patty

  6. Karen Wan says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Barbara’s illness. I’ve had pneumonia and it’s no fun. I didn’t feel very sick then either, but fortunately Barbara is wisely getting treatment. Thanks for watching out for her and sharing these updates!

  7. You’re in my thoughts, Barbara, and I hope you get to feeling better very soon 🙂

  8. godtisx says:

    Wow. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Very tough fight….

  9. Well that wasn’t good news. But I’m glad she’s going to be feeling better. What a good little sister you are. I am sure I would never disregard my little sister’s warnings. Okay, that was a lie. 🙂 Please feel better!

  10. I will say a prayer.
    God bless you Barbara
    ~ Eric

  11. RoSy says:

    Thank lil sis for the update.
    Will definitely keep Barbara in my prayers.
    {Hugs} to you both

  12. Prayers and thoughts being sent. Take care and speedy recovery wished. x

  13. Barbara, sending you my healing Love and some Cosmic Energy.. Get Well Very Soon…. Much Love Sue xxx

  14. Joannie says:

    I’m lifting you up in healing prayers, Barb! May 2014 be full of health and happiness.
    Lots of love and many blessings,

    • Thanks Joannie. This one is really bad. Each day is a small step forward. I appreciate your prayers. I haven’t turned the computer on in a week since I got sick. Amy has tried to keep my readers how I am doing. Hugs, Barbara

  15. Judy says:

    So sorry to hear that Barbara is sick. Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope she has a wonderful New Year and a safe and healthy one. 🙂

  16. God bless her & protect her 🙂 she will be hale n healthy very soon by god s grace

  17. I am so sorry to read this (late). I hope recovery is underway and you are taking care of yourself.

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