Planet Earth

Good choices for our million

Good choices for our planet, effect all of us.

” I love the beautiful world I live in.”  The earth is our very wise  and amazingly loving mother. She provides everything we need and things we just want. For instance, a diamond engagement ring.

There is water, food, air, companionship. We have millions of species of plants and animals. Mother Earth responds well to our love for her.

If we would be willing to do this we would save the life of our planet

If we would be willing to do this we would save the life of our planet


We have treated this planet terribly in the past decades. We are using up our valuable resources without plans to replenish what we have stolen from our Mother.

If we continue to trash the planet, there will be a dead planet and a population of dead plants, animals and fish. Oh by the way, we human beings will be dead too.

We need to focus our thinking on taking care of, respecting and loving our Mother. I spend time imagining our planet as she used to be. Lush, fertile and ripe with all kinds of animals, plants and food. I imagine a clear clean environment where people don’t  have to check the weather reports to see what the condition of the air is. I have breathing issues. More days every year are bad for sensitive people to go out. This is scary for us and for our planet.

Penguins in Antartica

Penguins in Antartica

We have the power to heal Mother Earth and the power to stop raping her of her resources. The problem is … do we want to stop?  Or will we only stop when we have killed this amazing planet. That is my fear. Taking the planets gifts brings much money to the people to live for money. Every day, many millions of people give back the resources and love this planet. It isn’t enough, but if we keep working on it, we may just loose enough selfishness to see how important our choices are for us and for our great grandchildren. We can love Mother Earth enough to stop killing her. We are capable of helping her to heal herself. We just have to want to. Do You?

The beauty of breaking waves

The beauty of breaking waves

It is up to all of the children of Mother Earth to face reality and love her and begin to protect her.

It is up to all of the children of Mother Earth to face reality and love her and begin to protect her.

The Profound Wisdom of Khalil Gibran

Gibran's words on service.

I think many people my age found Gibran’s words in college. I can remember a time everyone was reading and discussing his books. “Sorrowful persons find joy in lamentations and lovers encounter comfort and condolence in dreams, and the oppressed delight in receiving sympathy. I am writing to you now because I feel like a poet who fancies the beauty of objects whose impression he composes in verse while being ruled by a divine power…”    —-Excerpted by THE SECRETS OF THE HEART

The love of Gibran

The knowledge I want is the knowledge I can act on

My Countrymen

” What do you seek, My Countrymen?

Do you desire that I build for

You gorgeous palaces, decorated

With words of empty meaning, or

Temples roofed with dreams? Or

Do you command me to destroy what

The liars and tyrants have built?

Shall I uproot with my fingers

What the hypocrites and the wicked

Have implanted? Speak your insane Wish!

—-Khalil Gibran

” Will you accept a heart that loves,

But never yields? And burns, but

Never melts? Will you be at ease

With a soul that quivers before the

Tempest, but never surrenders to it?

Will you accept  one as a companion

Who makes not slaves, nor will become

One? Will you own me but not possess

Me? By taking my body and not my heart?

Then here is my hand—grasp it with

Your beautiful hand; and here is mine

Body—embrace it with your loving

Arms; and here are my lips—bestow

Upon them a deep and dizzying kiss.”

Gibran , yesterday is a memory

Gibran , yesterday is a memory

“My heart was weary within me and bade me farewell and repaired to the Abode of Happiness. And when it was come to that sanctuary which the spirit had sanctified, it stood in wonderment, for it saw not there things it had imagined.”   —-Khalil Gibran

Gibran was twenty- one, a struggling young artist, when he met and fell in love with Mary Haskell of Boston. He asked her to marry him. She believed that for his sake she must refuse. Loving him passionately, she devoted herself over the years to his happiness, soothing his turmoils, sharing  his joys and working with him on his manuscripts.

love from Gibran's heart

love from Gibran’s heart ends his pain

Some of his books include: Nymphs of the Valley, A Tear and a Smile, Sand and Foam, The earth gods, and The Prophet. This Man From Lebanon is a study of his work written by Barbara Young.


Good Nepali tiger news

A look at a world most of us won’t see in our lives.

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This video says about itself:

May 9, 2012

Wildlife encounters on safari in Nepal at the Royal Bardia National Park. Wild elephants, one-horned rhinoceros, and amazing encounters and charges by the Royal Bengal Tiger.

From Wildlife Extra:

Tiger numbers increase by 63% in Nepal in 4 years

Nepal records remarkable growth in tiger numbers

July 2013. An encouraging announcement from the Government of Nepal on put the number of wild tigers in the country at 198, though there may be anywhere from 163 – 235 tigers allowing for errors. This marks an increase in the population by 63% from the last survey in 2009.

“Nepal’s results are an important milestone to reaching the global TX2 goal of doubling the number of wild tigers by the year 2022,” stated Megh Bahadur Pandey, Director General of Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation. “Tigers are a…

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