The Seasons of our Life

In the silence, we hear the voice of God from wirhin

In the silence, we hear the voice of God from within

Birth, growth, fading, death, the wheel of life turns and we turn with it. Ideas are born, projects are consummated, plans prove impractical and die. We are born, we suffer loss, we fall in love and out of love, we give birth and we grow old.

When we are conscious of Mother Earth, we see ourselves as parts of the whole .We come to the point where we can let go of trying to control our lives. We are constantly reminded of the changes in life. We need to accept the change of seasons, feast and famine. good health and illness. We live with light and dark, cold and warmth. We are full of life and at times we are empty. All of these things control our experience of  life. We could experience this as the experience of human consciousness.

Inevitably into every life comes times for action and then times of waiting. As we live longer and longer we find we must start to learn how to fit ourselves into the kind of human being we need to be in each new phase of life. We are going to need to look at our dreams and learn to dream new dreams that corresponds to life as it is experienced at that time.

There is the time for sowing the seeds of our life, a time to harvest those seeds, sometimes there is leavetaking and loss. Life can feel as if it is in decline.

There are those who say we have a resting cycle. We become closer to our inner selves and to the Divinity which dwells there. I personally, look to learning new things and doing what I have never done before. Life is fertile and there is nothing to fear in the darkness…the light will return.

“It is our quiet time.
We do not speak, because the voices are within us.
It is our quiet time.
We do not walk, because the earth is all within us.
It is our quiet time…
—–Nancy Wood

“Again, again we come and go.
changed, changing Hands
join, unjoin in love and fear.
Grief and joy. The circles turn,
each giving into each, into all.”
—-Wendell Berry

Cycles of our lives

Cycles of our lives

” Behold, my brothers, the spring has come;
The earth has received the embraces of the sun
And we shall soon see the results of that love!

Every seed is awakened and so has all animal life.
It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being
And we therefore yield to our neighbors,
Even our animal neighbors,
The same right as ourselves, to inhabit this land.”

—–Sitting Bull

Our life cycles are in conjunction with our Mother Earth. Do not betray her.

Our life cycles are in conjunction with our Mother Earth. Do not betray her.

Stevie Wonder & Celebrities Boycott Florida?

Celebrities avoid “Stand your ground.?”

Social Action 2014

Rumors of a boycott of Florida and other Stand Your Ground states are swirling in the media, after Stevie Wonder announced his plans to avoid those places as a protest to the George Zimmerman verdict. Is this an effective idea, though? We look at the bearing that Stand Your Ground had on the case and if this is barking up the wrong tree on Crime Time with former prosecutor Loni Coombs.

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Trayvon: Dr. King and Daddy

This is a strong blog that I evcourage everyone to read.

Parent Rap

When something horribly bad happens, where we are and what we are doing at the time is forever imprinted into our minds, like the World Trade Towers falling in New York City— we remember the shock as we stood transfixed. 

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | July 25, 2013

The spring I turned fourteen I had many chores to do and one was trimming grass and leaves from around the electric fence; if the electric current was interrupted by foliage, the horse, ponies and bull might escape. I needed the long work knife for the job from the house. As I reached the knife I could hear Daddy guffawing in the next room.

“Yep, there’s another good one— ha ha ha!” Daddy’s laughter trailed off.

Daddy was using the N-word, his favorite when he was on one of his senseless rants. This was one of many hate-filled harangues Daddy had with…

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