Fallen Officers Honored with Motorcycle Rally


AKRON — About 500 motorcyclists hit the road Sunday to honor fallen police officers from across Northeast Ohio.

The riders left Century Harley Davidson in Medina and converged later on the Akron Police Department.

There, they remembered the area’s slain police officers with a short ceremony and the singing of the National Anthem.

One of the speakers told the crowd that, despite the danger, there is something special about being a police officer.

“President Obama in Washington one time called it a calling, just like you get a calling to be a minister or professions like that. I think he was right; I think it’s a calling to become a police officer, and we should never forget the sacrifices that our brother officers made.”

One officer is killed, on average, every 57 hours in the United States.

The ride continued through several stops in Cleveland to pay tribute to more…

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Trayvon Martin Protests and the Misdirection of the Racially Showcased

Social Action 2014

Black outrage over the racist injustice system that allowed killer George Zimmerman walk free is being misdirected by the usual suspects but now the Slave-Ship-Hop rapper Jay Z is trying to associate himself with social justice movements when most of his musical career he has been engaged in promoting negative behavior. Who knows what the true motives are of the racially showcased weapons of mass confusion who exists as social controls. Don’t be fooled, keep your third eye open.

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This is Sunday and my day to explore some of the bright stars that we have been given. I cry everytime I post one of these and I hope they will help us to live in harmony on this one planet that we have. Blessings to everyone who hears her brilliant voice and may we all remember we are all creative people and we must share these blessings with the world. No matter what your gift is, it is yours to share with people.