Quotes, More Quotes and a Few Stray Thoughts

Waking Spirals

Tonight some rapid fire quotes and comments just to mix things up a bit:

“You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you.”
Robert Anton Wilson

So many reasons for working on our shadow selves and this is one of the best.. What good is it to love the universe (love universally) if you become irritated at little things that parts of it do and say? The cognitive dissonance that this can bring up alone makes it a good idea to deal with those raw parts of ourself.

“It is a thousand times better to make every kind of mistake than to slide into the habit of hesitation, of uncertainty, of indecision.”
— Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears

Uncertainty and Hesitation tend to be parts of my own shadow. When choices seem equal and they almost always do, it…

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ISIS: Could It Be Death From Within?

In Saner Thought

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

This post is a moot point…..the US led coalition has started its assault on ISIS in Syria with airstrikes…….so the suggestions in this piece are not going to be taken seriously….but I feel that this is still a viable solution that will cost much fewer lives…….I apologize not posting it sooner but as usual events got the better of me.

Everybody concerned is scrambling around looking for the perfect solution for defeating the rise and expansion of the terrorists group known as ISIS….the US is dashing around trying to put together a coalition that will give some sort of credibility to our involvement in Iraq and the Middle East ……again.

Could the answer be as simple as death from within?

An interesting concept or thought……ISIS destroying itself……..the idea came from something I read the other day……..

It’s tempting to go after ISIS with military might…

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Will The Cowardice Ever End?

I am in complete agreement.

In Saner Thought

I have been bitching about the gutless, worthless Congress for years now…..these lazy do-nothings have work little in this past year…..they spend most of their time on their knees with donors (take that any way you choose…..both are equally valid)…….you would think these people would care what the people think….oh wait!  That is a joke in itself……..why can’t these people just do some work like the past Congresses………

When you crunch the numbers, Congress looks pretty lazy. The Washington Post finds that both chambers have been in session only about 40% of the time since 1978—the first year for which online records are available—and they’ve both worked full weeks simultaneously a measly 14% of the time. Taken individually, the Senate has spent 42% of the past 37 years in session, while the House has been in session 39% of the time.

That period covers 1,917 weeks, 601 of which the…

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Reflections on Eternity…

Waking Spirals

“Life is an eternal instant.
Chronological time does not exist.”
-Samael Aun Weor

In the endless now
a thought may be eternal
another may be fleeting
as its birth, death and short existence
all play out at once
and what is any life
but a mere thought
for the gods we truly are?
Everything the I Not I
has been am and will be
all but a whim
to my being, a masquerade
a toy to put away
a lesson, a timeless moment
Now where did I put my shoe?
— G A Rosenberg

Blessings, G

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He Will AnswerAnswers Will Come by G A Rosenberg

Sitting In AbstractionSitting in Abstraction by G A Rosenberg

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