The “how-to’s” of WordPress Awards

Footprints of Thoughts

Someone asked me, “How do I go about accepting a WordPress Award? I do not understand how to do it. And how do you transfer the AWARD IMAGE on to your blog?”

This blog posting is an attempt to respond to those questions. I am only suggesting what it is that I do. I am sure there are other ways to respond and probably short-cuts for transferring the image, that I have yet to discover.

I have noticed that some people prefer to keep their blogs, “Award-free.”  And I do try to respect that when I notice a posting of that nature on someone’s blog.

I also know, that when I first began on WordPress, I was wondering “IF” I should be a blogger and I was quite shy about writing and placing my thoughts out there for the world to see.  For me, personally, the Awards, built my self-confidence…

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Danny Boy~Eva Cassidy

Friday night serenade .

Tell Me About It

I share this because my Pa his name is Dan, Danny and his Pa used to sing this to him. I love listening to it and I can hear my Pa singing it to my brother, Danny. My Pa had a high tenor voice. I loved to listen to him sing. He was always singing something! 😀

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Leonardo DiCaprio Named Messenger of Peace by the United Nations

Music In the Dark

Leonardo DiCaprio, United Nations

The United Nations has named Leonardo DiCaprio with the title Messenger of Peace. He will give a speech on September 23 at the U.N. Climate Summit where he will address climate change, according to an announcement from the U.N.

“It’s an honor to accept the role of U.N. Messenger of Peace on Climate Change and to support the Secretary General in his efforts to address one of the most important issues we face as a global community. I feel a moral obligation to speak out at this key moment in human history – it is a moment for action,” DiCaprio said in a statement. How we respond to the climate crisis in the coming years will likely determine the fate of humanity and our planet.”

In addition to the U.N. title, DiCaprio will be honored by the Clinton Foundation on September 21 for his environmental work.

DiCaprio is known for…

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Finally, We Have A Baby!

Walking with the Alligators

one two
four three
We have decided to call her/him Ishi, after the last of the Yahi in California.
She/he also appears to be the only survivor.
All pictures credit: Walkingfox
Because  you asked, here is more about Ishi, last of the Yahi.

We would like to introduce our first Gopher Tortoise birth here.

She/he was found yesterday when I took Breanna out, just after lunch.

We are not sure of her/his sex, but this is what we have waited for since moving in here in 2004.

We found no others, only this one.

Gopher Tortoises normally have between 3-15 babies, so we sadly fear the demise of her siblings.

It is said that anything and everything,  eats them as soon as they hatch, most do not make it until their first birthday.

From what we have learned from other pictures and information, this one appears to be about two years old,  as they are said to grow…

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