3 thoughts on “Trump refuses to rule out running as an independent during GOP debate

  1. Honest and over inflated ego.

  2. Rajagopal says:

    If you ask me, Barbara, Donald Trump better stick to his construction and realty, just as the other wannabes in Republican pack, that is, remaining wherever they currently are. Other than Burnie Sanders, the rest of the world cannot see anyone in the field, with an integrity of purpose and capability for the responsible position. For whatever her drawbacks in light of recent email scandal, Hillary Rodham Clinton is most definitely the safest bet to guide the fortunes of USA in the difficult years ahead. She is knowledgeable, capable and savvy about the affairs of US and the world at large. Also, the rest of the world knows and admires her as an astute and capable individual. Given all these factors going in her favour, it will be a pity if the world’s oldest democracy cannot yet position a woman of her caliber as head of state…best wishes.. Raj.

  3. RoSy says:

    The debate was far from one. God help us all if any of those yahoos make it to the Whitehouse.

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