Walking on the Path of Peace

Let the creativity flow

Let the creativity flow

There have been many spiritual teachers who have advocated the path of peace. In this path people walk without regard to race, religion or ethnicity.I believe that these people are very enlightened souls who carry the responsibility of lighting the path of peace for others to follow. It takes a special heart and an open, accepting soul to do all that is required for peace.

Let your light shine on the path of peace

Let your light shine on the path of peace

It is not how much we do that is important; it is the love that enables us to walk on the path of peace. Peace is part of our journey if we accept it. It is one of the choices we make on our journey through this world. The smallest action done with love takes us further down the path of peace.

The beginning of the path of peace is within ourselves, in contemplation and prayer. Silent prayer within your own home where no one is watching you is the most sincere. Then what you are performing is not for the people to witness, but for yourself and God/GoddessMany spiritual people recommend beginning and ending the day with prayer. Whereever your journey takes you, the desire for peace comes from the Divinity within.

Fear is an emotion which can destroy peace or prevent it from taking root in people. Fear of being humiliated, of being despised,  of being rebuked, of being forgotten or wronged and the fear of being ridiculed can destroy a person as they walk upon their journey.  There are curves and turns in the road, and not being able to see around the next bend can cause fear. We are all capable of good and evil. No one is all good or all evil .Divinity is always stronger than the evil in the world.

Look into a baby’s eyes if you want to see Divinity. It is all that they know. They learn to hate and hurt and to destroy only as they grow. So your heart being filled with Divinity and daily choosing paths that will allow you to walk in peace is the way to begin this journey. Once you have begun, life will carry you along until you are a shining light for others.

Be the light, be the inspiration, be the reason someone is living in a state of well-being.

Sunset over water. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Sunset over water. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

If The Divine Walked

I have been thinking a lot actually I am in the process of having some tests done and it has given me blank blocks of time which I can mentally write on and sing on and dance on.  I was thinking that so many of my age respond to music unlike other ages. My heart and soul respond and have done since I was thirteen.  I remember all of those early songs. Listening to a white plastic radio in my room–just me and my celestial friends the stars. Listening to” Puff the Magic Dragon”, and” I’ts My Party ” in the same way teens listen to music now. I have a grandson who is a teen and a musician to boot. Music , in my thinking has been a cord that binds. I was the notes and the spaces between the notes that made the music. It was the early 60″s  and I didn’t care about anyone’s color or where they lived. I cared about the music. It would slip into my soul and has remained for fifty some years.

We can teach our children a lot more by what we do than what we say.  Saying is a clue that hypocrisy is coming next. The parents who live what they believe, who go slow and steady through this life and teach children how to manage their emotions, answer questions about other people, teach acceptance and not hatred, and to love “all the others.” are the ones who succeed in this thing called “Parenting”. Whether it is the Mother’s Day coming quickly or whether it is June and Father’s day, it needs to be real.

As the beautiful Sunday afternoon shines and spreads its fragrance on the gentle breezes; we have time to stop the idea of  hatred. Our actions have taught others, teach them to love “others” and not just those who look like us, or think like us. There is time to try to bring an end to violence and inequality, it is your chance to put on the old music, like “House at Pooh Corner.” and sing along and get them moving. Parent or grandparent we need to try to shake off the mantle of oppression and injustice. Spit hypocrisy out of your mouths, never to allow its entrance again. Teach your children well. No bullying, no laughing at those who are unfortunate, teach them to listen to what you do and make sure you say  what Divinity would do if he/she/it were to walk our highways and byways today. Would you notice this Divine presence? What would you do or say? What would the little ones do or say?

Divine hands

Divine hands

praying handsloving hands

All hands are loved by the Divine

All hands are loved by the Divine

A Day For Contemplation

Love in the World

Love in the World

Roaming in Thought

“Roaming in thought over the Universe, I saw the little that is Good steadily hastening towards immorality, And the vast all that is call’d Evil I saw hastening to merge itself and become lost and dead.”                                                                                                          –Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

The Snow Light

In the snow light,
In the swan light,
In the white-on-white light
of a winter storm,
my delight and your delight
Kept each other warm.

The next afternoon
and love gone so soon!-
I met myself alone
In a windless calm,
Silenced at the bone
After the white storm.

What more was to come?
Out from the cocoon,
in the silent room,
pouring our white light,
amaryllis bloom
opened in the night.

The cool petals shone
like some winter moon
or shadow of a swan,
echoing the light
after you were gone
Of our white-on-white.”
—May Sarton

One Life

“A woman walking in a walker on the cliffs
recalls great bodily joys, much pain.
Nothing in her is apt to say
my heart aches, though she read those words
in a battered college text, this morning
as the sun rose. It is all too
mixed, the heart too mixed with laughter
raucousing the grief, her life
too mixed, she shakes her heavy
silvered hair at all the fixed
declarations of baggage. I should be dead and I’m alive
don’t ask me how; I don’t eat like I should
and still I like how the drop of vodka
hits the tongue. I was a worker and a mother,
that means a worker and a worker
but for one you don’t pay union dues
or get a pension; for the other
the men ran the union, we ran the home.
It was terrible and good, we had more than half a life,
I had four lives at least, one out of marriage
when I kicked up all the dust I could
before I know what I was doing.
One life with the girls on the line during the war,
yes, painting our legs and jitterbugging together
one life with a husband, not the worst,
one with your children, none of it just what you’d thought.
We took what we could.
But even this is a life, I’m reading a lot of books
I never read, my daughter brought home from school,
plays where you can almost hear them talking,
Romantic poets, Isaac Babel. A lot of lives
worse and better than what I knew. I’m walking again.
My heart doesn’t ache; sometimes though it rages.”                       —–Adrienne Rich


“if you will go forward to find Us, We will come forward to receive you.
Give Us all you have, and We shall give you all We possess.
In man We have designed Our image; in woman We have finished it.
In man We have shown Our nature benign; in woman We have expressed Our art divine.
Make God a reality, and God will make you the truth.
Give all you have, and take all that is given to you.”                                      —excerpted from The Complete Sayings; Hazrat Inayat Khan

The receipe is to add positive energy to the negativity you find.

The recipe is to add positive energy to the negativity you find.

I am love

I am love

Be free, be lovePhoto by Barbara Mattio

Be free, be love
Photo by Barbara Mattio

The One and Love

Towards the One

My Heart has Become Capable of Every Form

My heart has become capable of every form;

For gazelles and a retreat for Christian monks,

And a temple for idols, and the pilgrims’s Ka’ba

And the tables of the Torah and the book of the Koran.

I follow the religion of Love, whichever way his camels take.

My religion and my faith is the true religion.

——Ibn al–Arabi



“Fact is intelligible, but truth is beyond comprehension, for truth is unlimited.” ——-Hazarat Inayat Khan

“Love in reality creates harmony in one’s life on earth and peace in Heaven.” ———Hazrat Inayat Khan

“The principal work of the prophet is to glorify the name of God, and to raise humanity from the denseness of the earth,

To open the doors of the human heart to the divine beauty

Which is everywhere manifested, and to illuminate souls

Which are groping in darkness for years. The prophet brings

The Message of the day, a reform for that particular period in which he is born.”   ——Hazrat Inayat Khan

Working Together For Our World With Love and Acceptance

99% of the American people working to hold up the World

When Bush first ran for President against Al Gore, I was deeply disappointed when he won. However, he won fair and square. The majority of the people spoke in his favor. We even had the controversy over Florida and “the hanging chads from ballots.” I will admit I was unhappy and a bit suspicious.

I am a pacifist and I will admit that I shunned vets after Vietnam. I’ve learned a lot since then. I was totally against the War in Iraq, but I understood that many of our boys and girls were choosing to fight in this war. So I gave them my prayers and support. I still wasn’t happy, but I accepted this second administration. I felt Bush was a “cowboy” and not the man I wanted to be President. Well, it was my opinion and my right to voice my views, rationally and logically. For eight years I did not let anger or conspiracies rule my thoughts and life.

Now, times have changed and Barak Obama has been elected by the majority and electoral vote of the American people. I must say that I am shocked by all of the hatred, anger, and illogical talk that is taking place. Twenty states talking succession. Really? So you are taking your toys home and never playing with us again. In an election, someone always loses. Sometimes it is Domecrats and sometimes Republicans.

Our Founding Fathers did not have the sort of rhetoric and extreme anger I have been hearing on the internet and in articles…let alone Social Media. I believe they would be disappointed that all they dreamed and fought for, American freedom would end up being trashed like this.

It is time for each citizen to look into their hearts and minds and look for the rational, loving, accepting human being that this country was designed for. Please put aside the angst and let us all work together to make this a country and world filled with the love and beauty that Divinity has had in mind.

The beautiful creation of Divinity.

Love and Peace Instead of War

Mother Teresa stated, ” Works of love are always works of peace.”

When and where there is God, there is peace. He/she pours their love for us and peace flows over us and within us. Divine love always pours joy and peace into our hearts. My prayer is to be led from despair to hope, from fear to trust, from hate to love, and from war to peace. Our world, our universe is Peace, Peace, Peace.

It cannot exist with war, hate and violence. Every day, we make choices about the world we create around us.

We all have the right to be at peace and happy. We were created to have this life of peace. We can each have peace in our world without causing pain or suffering to others. We each have a responsibility to use what we have been given to create peace. There is no other higher pleasure than to create peace and have that peace in your life create a ripple effect and flow out to touch others in positive ways.

We need to love one another as The One loves each of us. Accepting that love and using it to bring peace into your life will bring peace to those around you. As they feel covered and immersed in peace, it will flow out of their lives and will touch an ever larger group of people. It is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

Peace Plea

Please, protect my child.
Please, protect other mothers’ children.
Please, give me peace.
Please, give other mothers peace.
Please, give the world peace and justice.
This is the peace only you can give.”

————Karen Lavin

The Flow of Love

Moody Gardens, Tx.,  Photo by Barbara Mattio

” All the creatures of this cosmos are sustained by love,
and in the end they emerge into the same cosmic Being.
That is why love is so essential.”
—Swami Muktananda

In the Universe, galaxy, planet, country, state, city, home that I reside in; I am part of Divinity. The beautiful part is that this fact is not just truth for me. It is truth for you. All of you. No matter what gender, race, religion, language you are, we are all loved the same in the eyes of the One.

All the sacred writings teach us to live in harmony and devotion and love with all other sentient beings. Love is not judging, nor is it unforgiving. Yet Love never includes violence. Your act of violence to another or their’s to you.

Freedom is a necessary state of being for sentient beings. Freedom is a requirement of real love. Helping someone to find freedom is a blessing. A blessing for both of you. It is also the reason that people will finally stand up to dictators and tyrants and say, “This is enough”

Love is an aspect of Divinity that does not diminish with distance. Cherishing those we love and letting go of them is what we are required to do. You still have the memories you have created together and hold close to your heart.These memories will never leave your heart and mind.

Love is a beautiful gift that only grows more as we give it away. In a relationship, you open your hand and release the ropes that bind someone to you. You will find often, that the bond of love will sustain distance, destiny and bad timing . A deep appreciation for that bond will grow and comfort you.

Love requires generosity and expansion. Love requires loyalty, forgiveness and acceptance. You never loose the love you give away. It returns to you three-fold.

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.
Help someone’s soul heal,
Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”


Written by Jim Morrison of The Doors


Reaching For the Stars

Stars came into my notice when I was a child. I think it is the same for many of us. I can shut my eyes and see myself in my childhood bedroom; sitting in front of my windows and looking out at the stars and the moon. I remember wishing on stars but not what I wished for. I can remember being at the beach listening to the roar of the ocean and loving how the stars lit up the sky. I also remember camping on mountain tops and feeling so close I could just reach up and pick one all for myself.

There does seem to be a deep cosmic connection between humans and the stars. They have fascinated us for millennia. Many of us do believe in star magic and Hollywood worked to keep the mystic tie to romance and love.  We have stargazers and star shine.

Reaching for the stars helped Galileo to invent the telescope and determine that the sun did not rotate around us, but that Mother Earth rotated around the sun. In America, reaching for the stars has come to mean to reach for your full potential, to stretch yourself and accomplish the impossible. It stands for the ultimate effort, the ultimate goal. For many of us who are artists, it symbolizes reaching within and pulling out that masterpiece you never thought you were capable of. For those of us on a spiritual path, stars remind us of just who we are and what we are made from: Star dust. Star dust is what every sentient being is made of and that gives us a connection to each other. The human race, despite different skin colors, cultures, religions, passions have one huge thing in common. We are made of star dust. We are connected to all that exists in the Universe. It is all star dust and we can reach for the stars and we are stretching out our arms to touch God. I am stardust and within my soul is the Divinity of the Universe.

Summer days and Sunday afternoons

Photo by Barbara MattioToday was a day to be in touch with Divinity and my inner creativity. I have begun a new painting and I love painting on my front porch as the world goes by. It felt so good to have my brushes in my hands again. I have had a year off from painting because of an injury and a torn bicep muscle and impinged shoulder. Having recovered from surgery and PT I am once again at the easel.

But today was also about my small by pretty garden and the fragrance of the flowers and watching the growth of old favorites and being close to Mother Earth. I am grateful for such a wonderful day and time in my life. So I will let my photographs tell the rest of the story.

Photo by Barbara Mattio

Photo by Barbara Mattio.

My View of Divinity

Our Hearts Should Do This More

I sit the the streets with the homeless

My clothes stained with the wine
From the vineyards the saints tend.

Light has painted all acts
The same color

So I sit around and laugh all day
With my friends.

At night if I feel a divine loneliness
I tear the doors off Love’s mansion

And wrestle God onto the floor.

He becomes so please with Hafiz
And says,

Our hearts should do this more”.

Hafiz (c, 1317-1389) is widely recognized as the preeminent master of the Persian ghazal form. He writes in the tradition of Rumi, one of the great Sufi poets.

Hafiz is one of the eastern poets who wrote ecstatic poetry. His poetry includes concepts such as loving God so much you become drunk on the experience of the Divine love. I think this is the God I have experienced in my life. This God can not be confined in buildings, experiences life through us, does not only love one type of people. This God has no gender and is bigger than the Universe. This experience we call God is everywhere and is not capable of hate. It is within every sentient being on this planet and even within it. Which is why we are remiss in our ravaging of our planet and we will be the beings which pay the highest price.

I am a spiritual person and have studied the major religions of the world. I have no feelings of “I am right and if you believe differently, you are wrong”. I do know that experiencing the love of God is the best high in the world and it is the best aspect of my humanity. I suggest that you sit down and close your eyes and think only about loving the Divinity in the world. I can say that it is a life-changing experience.