If The Divine Walked

I have been thinking a lot actually I am in the process of having some tests done and it has given me blank blocks of time which I can mentally write on and sing on and dance on.  I was thinking that so many of my age respond to music unlike other ages. My heart and soul respond and have done since I was thirteen.  I remember all of those early songs. Listening to a white plastic radio in my room–just me and my celestial friends the stars. Listening to” Puff the Magic Dragon”, and” I’ts My Party ” in the same way teens listen to music now. I have a grandson who is a teen and a musician to boot. Music , in my thinking has been a cord that binds. I was the notes and the spaces between the notes that made the music. It was the early 60″s  and I didn’t care about anyone’s color or where they lived. I cared about the music. It would slip into my soul and has remained for fifty some years.

We can teach our children a lot more by what we do than what we say.  Saying is a clue that hypocrisy is coming next. The parents who live what they believe, who go slow and steady through this life and teach children how to manage their emotions, answer questions about other people, teach acceptance and not hatred, and to love “all the others.” are the ones who succeed in this thing called “Parenting”. Whether it is the Mother’s Day coming quickly or whether it is June and Father’s day, it needs to be real.

As the beautiful Sunday afternoon shines and spreads its fragrance on the gentle breezes; we have time to stop the idea of  hatred. Our actions have taught others, teach them to love “others” and not just those who look like us, or think like us. There is time to try to bring an end to violence and inequality, it is your chance to put on the old music, like “House at Pooh Corner.” and sing along and get them moving. Parent or grandparent we need to try to shake off the mantle of oppression and injustice. Spit hypocrisy out of your mouths, never to allow its entrance again. Teach your children well. No bullying, no laughing at those who are unfortunate, teach them to listen to what you do and make sure you say  what Divinity would do if he/she/it were to walk our highways and byways today. Would you notice this Divine presence? What would you do or say? What would the little ones do or say?

Divine hands

Divine hands

praying handsloving hands

All hands are loved by the Divine

All hands are loved by the Divine

14 thoughts on “If The Divine Walked

  1. Best of luck with your tests. I also listen to those older songs, the music of my youth and sing and dance to them, the best stress buster!

  2. tersiaburger says:

    Beautiful post filled with words of wisdom. Hope you are okay…please let us know! Hugs

  3. Linne says:

    Sending you Light and Love! Great post about parenting and music. I still love the songs of that era that had such meaning and melody (not so much the pop stuff). Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; such great music. Made me think of Ripple by the Dead, another long-time favourite of mine. Thank you. ~ Linne

  4. Like you I still listen to music from my youth. I find it still touches me, still energizes me.

    Your words are as always full of both hope and a reminder of what we need to do.

  5. Joan Papalia-Eisert says:

    Extraordinary, Barb…. thank you for sharing this with all of us. Music is so mysterious and mystical. I love you, and continue to keep me in my prayers. XXOO Joannie

    Thank you joannie. Started a week of eggs today.24/7

    • Eeg tests were terminated. Not working. I have had enough recently and am going for 2 weeks to see Stephanie and Treey is graduating. He is getting a new fancy keyboard for graduation. He is in a gospel rock band (born again) and they seem to be pretty popular. So tests after I get back in hospital.
      Love to you and Paul. oooxx Boo-boo

  6. After being inspired by you words and images I must put on Joan Osborne’s If God Were God One Of Us.

  7. CindysArt says:

    I love this post! Your blog is really inspirational 🙂

  8. CindysArt says:

    So very touching 🙂 I hope your tests results go well.

  9. tersiaburger says:

    Dear Rebel, I would be honoured if you accepted this WordPress Family Award. You have meant so much to me! Your words of love and encouragement have sustained me through horrible, grief filled times. Thank you for caring. http://tersiaburger.com/2013/05/07/nominated-for-the-wordpress-family-award/

    • I will accept my dear friend but know that my words have been from my heart and soul. Grief is a cold companion and Vic would want you to work your way back into the sunlight. In the sunlight you will find all of the shiney happy memories that are in shadow right now. The bond of your love is an eternal one and she will lead you back into the sun where you will catch a whiff of her and a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. I am always here for you. Hugs, Barbara

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