The Truth

The face of truth is open,
The eyes of truth are bright,
The lips of truth are never closed,
The head of truth is upgright,
The breat of truth stands forward,
The gaze of truth is straight,

If you are a child of the Universe

If you are a child of the Universe

Truth has neither fear nor doubt,
Truth has patience to wait,
The words of truth are touching,
The voice of truth is deep,
The law of truth is simple:
All that you sow you reap.
The soul of truth is flaming,
The heart of truth is warm,
The mind of truth is clear,
And firm through rain or storm.
Facts are but its shadows,
Truth stands above all sin;
Great be the bettle in life,
Truth in the end shall win.
Soul of truth is God.
Life of truth is eternal,
Immortal is its past,
Power of truth will endure,
Truth shall hold to the last.
–Hazarat Inayat Khan

Towards the One

Towards the One

8 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. may we join together in the truth of our oneness.

  2. A beautiful piece with a wonderful message. Truth can be ambiguous and grounded in one’s life experiences unless of course it is substantiated by empirical data. This has been shown to happen with regards to ” eyewitness reports ” involving accidents or crimes. Forgive me for playing the ” devil’s advocate” but If you have time to share your opinion I would love to read your response.

    • yes, they do and sometimes they are even right. LOL. What I was referring to was the larger Divine truth. The connection we have to every other living being on our planet. The truth that what we do in our lives ripples and effect other sentient beings. The truth that we can only build peace in our world by each of us beginning within our own spirits and lives.

  3. Beautiful Message – thanks for sharing! Have a Great One:)

  4. Gorgeous words -power of truth will endure. Both reassuring and powerful.
    And just to let you know that I have nominated you for an award and linked you in ‘A sixfold thankyou!’ I appreciate that some bloggers prefer not to accept awards and if that is you I completely understand 🙂 This is just a way for me to highlight your wonderful blog!

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