Being a Light in the world

I’m creating this Award to celebrate all those wonderful people in the World who spread Light, and Love and Hope and Peace in the name of All.  These bloggers should consistently promote these qualities and work to be a force for peace and light in the world.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who gives you the award
  2. Spread this award around to the people who you know who are doing this work, so that the work continues and the light is spread
  3. Let your nominees know
  4. Never give up on your fellow human beings

And the very first nominees for the Being a Light in the World Award are:

  1. Dr. Rex
  2. Shaun
  3. HuntForTruth
  4. Inavukic
  5. Dear Kitty
  6. Mungai and the Goa Constrictor
  7. Quiall
  8. BusyMindThinking
  9. SeaAngel4444
  10. PurpleRaysblog
  11. Al
  12. The Libertarian Hippie
  13. Moorbey
  14. The Unity of Souls
  15. Crowing Crone Joss
  16. CravesAdventure
  17. Cassidy Fraezee
  18. Ivonprefontaine
  19. SueDreamwalker
  20. OldPoet56
  21. Michael Lai
  22. Willowdot21
  23. HitandRun1964
  24. Professions for Peace
  25. ViewsSplash
  26. Blackbutterfly7
  27. Amaezed
  28. Tanveer rauf
  29. PetiteMagique
  30. Joe Bradshaw
  31. Terry1954
  32. Lilmisspoutine
  33. a star on the forehead
  34. Andy1076
  35. iithinks

42 thoughts on “award

  1. I come here to say how amazing it is that you make time for such thoughtful gestures, and there is my name. Your presence in my life has been deeply moving via all the support you offer…and now this. I am sending the warmest embrace and I’m proud to post this. xoxo

  2. Dr. Rex says:

    Thank you so very much!! As always so honored and humbled!! Will work on it soon! Hugs ….

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Award for “It Is What It Is” ….. Honored. Very humbly accept!!

  4. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    I was very honored and humbled to see my name on this list. The fact that you made time to create something like this speaks volumes about you. You are deeply appreciated.

  5. Brenda says:

    You are lovely. What a wonderful new award. You shine, too, Barbara. You care about so many things. It’s lovely. Cheers, Brenda

  6. Xena says:

    I came to visit your wonderful creation and praise you for your talent, and then see the name of my blog on your list. I don’t feel qualified to stand with some other bloggers whose entire blogs are dedicated to shining light. Along with encouraging to use the ways of love to resolve all problems, my blog presents cases that cause me concern for the peace of our country, and that bring me to tears. It’s with that compassion however, that I humbly accept this award.

  7. You deserve it. Hugs, Barbara

  8. Barbara; you are the sweetest. Thank you.
    Hugs back.
    ~ Eric

  9. iithinks says:

    Thank you. I am truly honoured. May you be blessed now and forever. Lots of love!!

  10. Al says:

    Well done, and thank you so much for thinking of me. I do appreciate it

  11. petrel41 says:

    Thank you so much for creating this award! And for nominating my blog for it 🙂

  12. inavukic says:

    Thank you, thank you so very much, Barbara! Such a wonderful feeling to know we think of each other across the wide ocean. God bless

    • God bless you for all of your hard work for human beings. Your spirit raises up those who have lost their homeland. Just know that I support you completely. Hugs, Barbara

  13. viewsplash says:

    I don’t have words to thank you enough! Yet Thank You is all I have…! 😀

  14. amaezed says:

    Thank you so very much Barbara…u da bomb xxx

  15. quiall says:

    Barbara I am honoured that you have included me in with such incredible talent. Thank you. Please do not be insulted that I am declining the award. The fact that you think enough of my blog to nominate me is all the praise I need. Thank you Barbara, thank you.

  16. Good morning Barbara…I want to ask permission for something. I did a re-blog of this post because you created the award in all its beauty. Usually when I post a thank you, even though I don’t follow the rules, I post the picture and something about the person. So I’m going to ask…would it be okay to copy the picture for that purpose? Please let me know. I’m still learning all the rules about the rights of using photo’s, so I am asking for permission first. Hugs

  17. Just Patty says:

    What a lovely award Barbara!
    This suits you so well, so I am very honored and grateful to receive this award from you!
    I shall make a post soon and do my absolute best to be worthy!
    Love & Hugz coming your way. ♡

  18. I FOUND IT!!!! Thank you so very much. I am honored and I appreciate this more than you know. I do not participate in the Awards programs, as I mentioned. But this means so much to me. Thank you, most sincerely. I’ve very grateful.

  19. By the way, I think it’s brilliant that you make up your own award. Standing ovation for that one:)

  20. CONGRATULATIONS Barbara — I am nominating today for an art merit award.

    Much to my amazement, I received a stunning new award from my friend Marlyn at Kintal.

    Along with the acceptance of the Award I was to express my love for art and then choose six bloggers for the award.

    So, I am nominating only six as the requirements limit me.

    My six bloggers are:

    Please open my page to pick up the award badge and for the exact instructions for acceptance.


    ~ Eric

  21. moorbey says:

    Reblogged this on Moorbey'z Blog.

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  23. […] A while ago TalesAlongTheWay nominated me for an award. Being a Light in the World Award. The award was created by Barbara at […]

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