Croatia: Political Parties, Corruption And Deadly Ricochet

I feel this is an important court decision.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Are the scales of justice in Croatia still red? Are the scales of justice in Croatia still red?

Former Croatian prime minister dr Ivo Sanader and his former political party (Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ) were found guilty on Tuesday 11 March in a Zagreb court of rigging public tenders and abusing and siphoning off state funds in the biggest corruption trial to date in Croatia. The trial had lasted over two years and, in the sense of demonstrating that Croatia was serious about fighting corruption, it certainly pumped positive strides in Croatia’s accession into EU membership in July 2013.
The Zagreb county court gave Sanader, already sentenced to 10 years’ jail in another corruption trial in 2012, a new nine-year sentence. The HDZ, now in opposition, was ordered to pay back about 29 million kuna ($5.26 million).
Reading her verdict, Judge Ivana Calic said Sanader and four other people had conspired to secure illegal funding for the HDZ from public…

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A lovely tulip! I love it. Hugs, Barbara

Francine In Retirement







“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

Pablo Picasso

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Stick a Fork In It Double Coconut Muffins

Hungry anyone?

Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

Little snack cakes Little snack cakes

By Katherine

These muffins may be as white as winter legs, but they are deliciously tasty. We suppose one could use coconut oil instead of butter, but we don’t keep coconut oil on hand so we can’t say for sure.

True story, the first time I made these I followed the standard ratio (outlined in Ratio) for muffins to create what I was sure would be a masterpiece. Two parts flour, two parts milk… Since the quick reference didn’t call for a rising agent, I didn’t include one. This occurred to me once the muffins had been baking for 10 minutes. The muffins were delicious, but dense. I took them to a management team meeting at work where I watched an attorney attempt to eat hers with a fork. The fork lost. The snapped utensil stayed in the middle of the muffin, which stayed on her…

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Editorial: Anti-Wolf Bills Clear Case of Over-Reaction

Nature has a natural rhythm and wolves are part of the Eco system. Stop this legislation.

The Wolf Preservation Blog

Save the Lobo

**Photo courtesy from “Lobos of the Southwest.”

Arizona Daily Sun, March 6, 2014

“Talk about over-reacting.
The last time we visited the topic of endangered Mexican gray wolves in this space was to call for more details of a proposed expansion plan and consultation by federal officials with local communities.
That was back in August, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did agree to at least one public hearing in Arizona and entered talks with state Game and Fish officials.
But some state lawmakers took the expansion plan as a call to arms, and this winter they have introduced bills seeking not only to hamstring or kill off the recovery program but end the entire federal Endangered Species Act in Arizona.
The last was introduced by Flagstaff Rep. Bob Thorpe, who later withdrew that clause after staff officials said it would compromise tens of millions of dollars in federal…

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