Mellow Yellow Monday #3

Photo by Barbara Mattio

I love summer and it is difficult not to find yellow in life. There are yellow submarines, yellow butterfly’s, yellow sun rays, yellow in rainbows, yellow in dried grass, and yellow in roses and salvia, I see yellow blanket flowers and yellow day lilies. A yellow sail on a boat and a yellow canary. There is something about the combination of yellow and summer that just heals the soul. It makes me feel happier and stronger, and full of blessings. Summer sun warms the body and the soul. The soul responds to our environment. It responds to rain, sun, snow and it responds to the time you spend in the inner landscapes communing with the Beloved.

” We learn the inner secret of happiness, when we learn to direct our inner drives, our interest, and our attention to something besides ourselves.”

—Ethel Percy Andrus

Photo by Barbara Mattio

5 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday #3

  1. Love your writing style. You make summer seem so inviting. Myself I prefer the biting cold of winter.

  2. Love this post.. Yellow is so uplifting.. and you uplifted my spirit today.Sunflowers I have planted 20.. I just hope all the rain we have been having allows them to bloom…
    Wishing you a wonderful Day.. ~Sue

  3. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful photos! Yellow does seem to walk hand in hand with summer.

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