Real Men Don’t Hurt Women

Man lynched for raping assistant chief’s daughter
01 November 2013, 19:29
Dareel Eric

Vihiga – A rape suspect was lynched on Thursday by an angry mob at Chavakali market in Sabatia Constituency, Vihiga County.

The man was suspected to have broken into the Walodeya sub-location assistant chief’s home, with three others, and raped the chief’s 6-year-old daughter in a nearby maize plantation.

Sabatia sub-County commissioner, Joseph Kanyiri, said that the gang had attacked the assistant chief, Hesbon Munavo, on Thursday at around midnight and stole a few items before raping the minor.

“The gang went into hiding immediately after the act, which prompted the angry residents to hunt for them, before getting hold of the one, who was lynched,” Kanyiri said.

The minor has since been admitted at Vihiga Hospital nursing serious injuries, but responding to medication positively.

The three other suspects were later arrested and salvaged from the angry mob by police who have detained them, pending investigations into their case, before being arraigned in court on Monday.

Cases of insecurity have been rife in the region, with the area MP, Alfred Agoi, sending stern warning to the groups of people who attack innocent residents at night, that if arrested, they will face stern punishments.

“The people who roam at night breaking into other peoples’ houses, stealing and injuring them will not be tolerated in Sabatia if they are arrested. We ask the government to impose sterner penalties for them,” he said.

The body of the one who was lynched was taken to Vihiga Hospital mortuary.

—–I excerpted this from Kenya news

This story has upset me a lot. First a six year old little girl was raped. I don’t know if people understand what that meant for the little girl. Anatomically, her little body wasn’t developed enough to have something that large into it.  It is painful, frightening and quite horrible for the child. The child at six, probably can’t scream loud enough if no one was in the house. She had to have felt helpless and she might not be able to have children depending on everything that was done to her. She was in her own home. Her father was the chief and the perpetrator broke in. This is a case of pedophilia and rape. This female was not dressing provocative or sexily or in a place she shouldn’t have been.

Rape happens here and it happens in every country around the world. Why? Because a great many men do not respect women. In China girls are given away or aborted. I have many friends who have adopted Chinese girls and one boy. He was found under a shrub. He had two sets of genitals and that is not to be tolerated. It is a miracle that he ended up in an orphanage. My friend’s sister fell in love with him as soon as she saw him.  She adopted him and brought him back to America. With therapy and time, he has decided he is a boy. So that is what he is and with surgeries, it will be what he is.

I heard a male today say, “Why should I pay for a woman’s contraception and pap tests?”. Well why should we pay for their Viagra. Many men hate women. They want a woman to cook, clean, give them sex  and keep the children quiet. There are these men in every country. We need not to lie down and take it. That was also part of the conversation I was overhearing between two men. We need to be proud to be women. We need to be confident. If you have survived tragedy, get help. We must stand up and we must not let them push us back down. Not all men hate women. There are many feminist men and they are a joy to spend time with.

We need to increase the laws to protect women and children. We need to make sure that all of the laws to protect us are enforced. We need to bond together and fight the hatred today and every day.  And a man who rapes a child needs to be put in a penal colony in Antartica. I know this is a radical thought, but sexual offenders cannot be cured and they need to suffer.

For the little girl in Kenya and all of the other ones who are being raped, I ask for your prayers and if a child comes to you with a story of bad touches or rape: believe the child. The child  is more important than any man in your life destroying your child. Your child needs your love and support. Stand by your children at all costs.

Real men don't rape

Real men don’t rape

This is your opportunity to stop this subjection and ownership of the female gender

This is your opportunity to stop this subjection and ownership of the female gender

This is the way real men feel about women. Men were never to act like wild animals.

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