Colour, Creativity and Connection ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 317

I also work in acrylics and I am impressed with your creativity. Peace, Barbara

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

I have been following a blog for some time now that combines Colour, Creativity and Connection most beautifully through the words and art of its inspirational creator, Benjamin Prewitt.

I just love Benjamin’s Artist’s Statement – Evolution:

My current series of acrylics and oil is a study in movement, texture, color and light, designed to evoke thought, feeling and conversation.The subjects of my compositions are found in the space between our challenges and rewards, that process that brings both endings and rebirth to our lives. Deep human emotional connection, nature and my perspective on the society in which we all live are the constant inspiration for my life and body of work.

For me, painting exists as a spark of recognition of the magical moments that remain outside of time and just beyond our fingertips. The framed brush strokes are not the half forgotten memories or long remembered dreams themselves…

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Peace and Justice Award


I am creating this award to honor WordPress bloggers who support Peace and Justice throughout the world and who are against Racism, Bigotry, Anger and Hatred.  It is the for the Heroes and the Sheroes who believe in One World and All People of all Races, Sexes, Religions, Creeds and Cutlures Living in Harmony.

It is my hope that recipients of this award will feel proud to know their hard work for Peace and Justice has been recognized by their fellow bloggers.    


I’m not big on rules, but an award should have some, so I’m told.  So here are mine:

  1. Recipients should frequently write about Peace, Justice, Love — the goodness in the world, or putting goodness in the world.
  2. Recipients may also frequently call attention to the bigotry or racism that happens in the world.
  3. Link back to whomever nominated you and, since this is about goodness, politely thank them.
  4. Spread the love to whomever and however many you believe deserve it!

The very first nominees for the Peace and Justice Award are:

  1. Juiseppi B — he has an amazing blog that addresses racism, peace and justice and I admire his hard work every day.
  2. Professions for Peace — for the dedication they have shown in the last year promoting peace and peaceful activity in the world
  3. Crowing Crone Joss — she exemplifies a peaceful life led in peaceful harmony with mother earth and her fellow human beings
  4. DrRex — for her diligence in promoting harmony, peace and equality every day in her blog
  5. Sevilleestateflyer — she combines peace, love and justice and a deep respect for her fellow human beings every day in her blog.
  6. Inavukic — who works so hard every day to promote peace and justice in her corner of the world, Croatia, and it is an honor to call her my friend
  7. Petchary — who works herself to the bone helping the poor and disenfranchised in Jamaica

Now — go forth, spread peace and love and justice and use this Award to promote it.

One last thing — I designed this award for you all, but my sister did the work to put it all together (and posted it — she’s good at dictation, and I’m still sick).

Shaun’y Award for Blogging Excellence


This Award was created for Shaun at prayingforoneday, and he added rules and sent it out into the world!

I was nominated by the originator of the award, Dr. Rex, another wonderful blogger and good friend.

The rules for the Shaun’y Award are as follows:

1. Show humanity, show love, be yourself, don’t be others, don’t gossip.

In other words, Be Authentic

2.  Share with 10 others.

I now nominate 10 others for this newly created award:

  1. Matthew
  2. PursuingMyDreams
  3. Ohnwentsya
  4. gillsn
  5. Al
  6. petitemagique
  7. Conrad (the wine wankers)
  8. Austin
  9. MichelleMarie Antell
  10. Sonofmountmalang
  11. SecretAngel
  12. Paininhidingabuse
  13. juliemontagu
  14. shaun
  15. Ted
  16. Axis Mundi
  17. ShareChair
  18. Gator Woman
  19. Barefoot Baronness
  20. Sevilleestateflyer

Twenty-six Days Twenty-six Nights

Good advice

Barefoot Baroness

Twenty-six days. Twenty-six nights.

When I closed my laptop last night I had reached 50,122 words which means I was successful in the challenge to write 50,000 words in the 30 days. ( story needs maybe another 10-15,000 words to complete the story-line)

Much about what I experienced this past month will forever be embedded in my memory, life lessons, writing tips, inspiration from the coolest sources, and the support of devoted friendships. What started out to be one story line showed yet another additional side-line as my story seemed to begin to write itself. Often veering into uncharted territory for me.

Finding support and inspiration during this adventure was something I never needed to look for, in the most wonderful ways the support was always right when and where I needed it. I have had the absolute delight in many discoveries through this process, and discovering the hidden…

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Parliament Award


This award was created by Brother (Bishop) Eddie Tatro @

I was nominated for this Award by Dr. Rex.  I am pleased and proud that she considers me to be part of her Parliament and part of her Pack.  She is inspiring and motivating and always makes my heart lighter (even when I am sick, like now, and having to dictate this post).


This award has many meanings.

In Eddie’s own words:

“Everyone knows that I love owls and wolves. We know that a group of wolves is called a pack, but did you know that a group of owls is called a Parliament? Owls have for centuries been symbols of wisdom and love, and wolves are a symbol of strength, loyalty and family.

I’ve created this award for those people who are in my Parliament & Pack. You mean so very much to me, and you all show what I stand for: Love.

Hate is not part of your vocabulary.”

The Rules for this award are as followed:

Firstly, display the Award on your site (see Award page or sidebar!) You earned it and you deserve it!
List a few things that make you a loyal member.
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Nominate at least five (5) well deserving bloggers whose loyalty and love you value and consider part of your Parliament and Pack; for the Award and let them know the wonderful news by sending them a message on their site.

Reasons I am a Loyal member of the Parliament and Pack

I consider myself to be very loyal to my friends, and I try to help wherever I can.   I am as supportive as I know how to be, and I keep my heart open to all.

My list of Nominees is:

  1. toemailer
  2. willowdot21
  3. crowing crone joss
  4. Karen Wan
  5. Carolisle
  6. Juiseppi B

Versatile Blogger Award



Thank you, for nominating me for this Lovely award.  It was a wonderful surprise to see while I am sick (and relying on my sister, my Guest Blogger) post this).

The rules for this award can be found at

I am asked to nominate 15 deserving bloggers.

  1. eleganzabello
  2. quarteracrelifestyle
  3. Juiseppi B
  4. chatter master
  5. crowing crone joss
  6. ashiakira
  7. carolisle
  8. drRex
  9. jackie saulmon ramirez
  10. michelinewalker
  11. a pondering mind
  12. cjsilk
  13. willowdot21
  14. mstranquility
  15. morgan

I am also asked to reveal seven things about myself.

1. My favorite color is red; then purple

2. I love art and beauty

3. In my younger days, I loved dancing — before I was handicapped

4. I am happiest when I am helping other people

5. I am a fashionista, and so are both of my granddaughters — it may be genetic (although it apparently skips a generation!)

6. I am grateful for everyone’s prays for my recovery from my current illness.  The last time I had this it was worse, and I was in the hospital on I V antibiotics for 5 days — it was very close to the end (but I am still happy stuck with her — The Sister)

7.  My happiest times since my husband passed are playing with my grandchildren.