Remembrance Day 2013

In rememberance to all those who survived all of the wars. Blessed be.

Stories by Williams

lest-we-forgetIt goes by many names the world over. In Canada, Britain and Australia, we call it Remembrance Day. In the United States, it’s called by Veteran’s Day. In New Zealand, France, Belgium and Serbia, it’s known as Armistice Day. And to the Polish, it’s Independence Day since the end of World War I was also the occasion when their country achieved statehood.

Interestingly enough, the war that it originally commemorates also goes by many names. To those who fought in it, it was the Great War, but also the “War to end all wars”, as no one who lived through it could fathom that any nation would ever go to war again. And to those who have went to war again just 27 years later, it would come to be known as World War I or the First World War.

remembrance-day-poemRegardless of the name, November 11 is a day when…

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Heart and Wings

Hazarat Inayat Khan mystic and musician

Hazarat Inayat Khan mystic and musician

Hazarat Inayat Khan grew up and lived in India. He was a wonderful musician and had a spiritual teacher. In time, he began to study a path called Sufism. His spiritual teacher told him to take what he learned to the West and teach it to the people. So he and his brothers left India and went to Europe. They began meeting people and telling them about a philosophy that was a mysticism. He even came to America. He gave lectures coast to coast. The Sufi movement was called the Chisti order. The Chisti order is Westernized. Women are equal. There is studying, singing and the Universal dance.There are groups who practice healing and who do practices together.

Sufi Murshid brought Sufism to the West

Sufi Murshid brought Sufism to the West

” If one is able to expand oneself to the consciousness of another person, one’s consciousness becomes as large as two persons’. And so it can become as large as a thousand persons’ when one accustoms oneself to try and see what others think. It is the understanding of two points of view, the opposite points of view, that gives a fuller insight into life. The ” I ” and ” you ” only remain so long as we see ourselves, but when we rise above them or beyond them, the thought brings us nearer and nearer to God in the consciousness in which we all unite.”  –Hazrat Inayat Khan

” The Soul of the whole of creation is one,  the life behind all these ever-moving phantoms is one. Meditation on this truth and the awakening to it will harmonize the condition of the world.”   —Hazrat Inayat Khan

” Holy One, All-powerful, The overcomer, The firm,

Free us and protect us from impressions of alienation, illusion, nonsense; And strengthen us in cooperation, friendship, discernment and wisdom, as we learn how to walk in balance on the earth.”

Sufism does not partake in politics or war.  Hazrat Inayat Khan went back to India to visit and died. His son, Pir Valayat Khan took over leadership of the Chisti order. Pir passed away in France. Now Hazrat’s grandson Pir Zia is the leader and spiritual head of the order now. Sufi’s can trace themselves back to Zoroaster and Mohammed gave them mystical teachings. They sat on sofas in the inner circle and so with time they became Sufis. Sufi’s say that there is no God but that which is God.

The Sufi Heart and Wings

The Sufi Heart and Wings

The Bavardage of My Mind

When you have to stifle your creativity

Barefoot Baroness

” bavardage” IE; chat, talking, gossiping, chitchat, dialog, prattle
I have had an occasion of late to have a lot of down-time. A LOT of down equated for me to be almost zero writing.
Consequently because I didn’t have the outlet and release that I typically find in writing I found instead that I was filled with self-chatter. Thoughts not shared out loud soon became a bounty of negatives and defeating self-talk. To get out of my head, away from my thoughts I started reading about the dynamics of inner dialogue.

That self chatter, self-talk, inner chatter, on-going self dialog, the inner voice,  that which echoes in our heads.

I think everyone does it. 

 From the very second of our birth we begin having interactions with our surrounding environments. and absorbing information. We learn and grow byconnecting to and relating to the encounters with others and events…

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