there is nothing President Obama can do to satisfy the Gop. They are so messed up.

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Moments after President Obama said he would allow insurers to continue health plans that were to be cancelled under the Affordable Care Act, leading Republicans blasted the President for agreeing with an idea that they had supported.

“It’s true that we’ve been strongly in favor of Americans being allowed to keep their existing plans,” said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “But now that the President is for it, we’re convinced that it’s a horrible idea.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) went further in ripping the President, calling Mr. Obama’s tactic of adopting ideas proposed by him and fellow Republicans “beneath contempt.”

“The President should be aware that any future agreeing with us will be seen for what it is: a hostile act,” he said.

Minutes later, White House spokesman Jay Carney helmed a hastily called press conference, hoping to stem the quickly escalating coöperation scandal.

“The President…

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War Veterans in U.S.A. Of Croatian Descent

This Croatian man served in WWII.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Today is Veteran’s Day – 11 November – I pay tribute to all veterans wherever they are and just so you know among US veterans there are those of Croatian descent among them!

Ronald Lawrence Kovic, was paralyzed in Vietnam War. Author of book “Born on the Fourth of July” which was made into Oliver Stone’s film, Tom Cruise portrayed Ron Kovic.  Kovic received the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay on January 20, 1990, exactly 22 years to the day that he was wounded in Vietnam. His father was Croatian and his mother Irish.

Paul William Bucha is an American Vietnam War veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor.  His paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from the Croatian town of Nasice.

Louis Cukela was a United States Marine numbered among the nineteen two-time recipients of the Medal of Honor. Cukela was awarded the Medal by both…

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What Prosperity Means

943333_569567613102938_1530102113_n                                                                                                          Life’s journey and what is around the curve in the road

We are told that one per cent of the American population are rich and can go skiing in the Alps, they can eat dinner out seven nights a week, they can go to Paris to shop and fly to Vegas to gamble. Yes, these people are prosperous. Much more than most of us middle class folks who make choices. Do I do this or that. I can’t afford both.  And the poor are trying to figure out how to fill up their children on less food stamps. The gap between the rich and the poor increases every day. At the time that food stamps are being cut, food prices are going up. I hate grocery shopping because I am old enough to remember twenty nine cents for a loaf of bread and seventy nine cents for a pound of coffee.

Just what is prosperity? I think the real definition of prosperity places importance on the fulfillment of the heart and soul rather than the ability to make more money. What fulfills your heart and soul and is it important?  We all need money, but we have to find fulfillment or no amount of money will satisfy. If I want more money to buy a new house, I fiddle and scrimp because the new house or thing is going to make me so happy. Have you ever felt that way? Then you get your new house or new thing, and you are bursting with happiness, right? Or you get this desirable thing and slowly the shine wears off. The dissatisfaction begins to build again.

We need to learn the difference between our deepest longings or false longings that fulfills either the heart or soul. Try making a list of what you think will really make you happy. Not happy for a few weeks but happy; just plain happy. Maybe not every minute of every day, but a happiness that sticks. It gives lingers over time and you always know it is there even if you are having the worst work day in at least a year. Is it a new hair do or a new car. No. Not a lasting happiness.

Could there be prosperity that doesn't need money?

Could there be prosperity that doesn’t need money?

I made a list of my prosperity that doesn’t include money. It was easy because I am on a fixed income. I decided that my prosperity comes to me because I am spiritual, intuitive, creative, helpful, spontaneous, loyal, funny and emotional. There are other words that describe me but we will discuss those at a later time. LOL. I find my ideas of prosperity have changed with the passing of the years. One important thing to look for in life is following your truth and being authentic. It is suggested that you sit quietly and put your attention on your breath and then move it to your heart. What is it that your heart is telling you. What does it need and what does it want. Breathe evenly and slowly and even if you do not become aware of anything immediately, it will come to you. Now you will be finding and creating your prosperity.

It is also true that giving and receiving are important to prosperity. They must be in balance. Not in a monetary sense but gifts from the heart. Even just making the commitment to look for a deeper meaning in life and the events that happen to us will enable to find deep healing and wonderful new directions in their lives. When you strive to follow our intuitive sense of what is true for us and do what we genuinely feel the energy for, the money seems to come to us to make this happen. I don’t mean you win the Publisher’s Clearing House kind of money but enough to do what your heart tells you you really need to do. Sometimes down to the penny. With the economy in the shape it is in, it is important to know how to find your bliss and your real prosperity.

I always feel prosperous when I am at the beach.

I always feel prosperous when I am at the beach.