Once Upon A Blog: She Wears Fashion.

I had to reblog. I love fashion.

Love. Laugh. Liv.


A relatively new addition to my Bloglovin’ daily updates, the UK fashion blog She Wears Fashion is a fun and fresh way to keep up with the sartorial pursuits of pint-sized fashionista Kavita Donkersley from Sheffield (good ‘on ya lass!). Having temporarily lost her from the North to experience living in Munich and to generally conquer the fashion world, you can still keep up with her fashion updates via her blog or vlog on Youtube.

What is really nice about She Wears Fashion, apart from the author being from somewhere other than London of course, is actually how affordable the fashion picks are. Unlike many popular bloggers whose style decisions mean maxing out your overdraft or robbing a small bank in order to even attempt to keep up, She Wears Fashion is full of bargain finds, from Ebay to the local carboot with all of our high street favourites making…

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Kids Campaigning To Have Thanksgiving Upgraded To A Gift Giving Holiday

This is totally precious! What a brilliant idea for a post. Hugs, Barbara

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

kids_tableApparently, American children have been saving up their allowances, Modern Philosophers, because those who occupy the kiddie table on Thanksgiving have just hired a powerful D.C. lobby group to campaign on their behalf.

Dylan Chatsworth, of the Beltway’s Havisham Group, spoke to this Modern Philosopher about his latest assignment.  “My job is to represent the children of the United States of America in their quest to have the Calendar Commission upgrade Thanksgiving to “Gift Giving” Holiday status.”

Doesn’t he really mean gift getting?  “Sure,” Chatsworth agreed with a winning smile, “but it’s a lobbyist’s job to put the proper spin on an idea to make it sound more appealing.”

Don’t children understand that the whole point of Thanksgiving it to focus on those things for which we’re thankful?  “Of course.  What my clients need for the adults of this country to understand, though, is that Thanksgiving is an extremely stressful…

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Artist Countdown: Tina Turner Top 40 Hits 6pm ET @tina_turner @Official_Tina1

I love Tina Turner and she and Cher are the divas. But everyone should give her credit for what she survived. Ike abused her terribly. She took it for years. Then she walked and never looked back. So I think she is the bravest of women. She rocks.


TTurnerAnna Mae Bullock (born November 26, 1939), known by her stage name Tina Turner, is a singer, dancer, actress, and author, whose career has spanned more than half a century, earning her widespread recognition and numerous awards. Born and raised in the American South, she is now a Swiss citizen.

She began her musical career in the mid-1950s as a featured singer with Ike Turner‘s Kings of Rhythm, first recording in 1958 under the name “Little Ann”. Her introduction to the public as Tina Turner began in 1960 as a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Success followed with a string of notable hits credited to the duo, including “River Deep – Mountain High” (1966), “Proud Mary” (1971) and “Nutbush City Limits” (1973), a song which she wrote. In her autobiography, I, Tina, she revealed several instances of…

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Can you hear the Music

This weekend there was snow on the east side of Cleveland. Photograph taken and copyrighted 2013

Snow on the east side of Cleveland. Photograph taken and copyrighted 2013

Between the conscious and the unconscious, the mind
has put up a swing:
all earth creatures, even the supernovas, sway
between these two trees,
And it never winds down.

Angels, animals, humans, insects by the million, also
the wheeling sun and moon;
ages go by, and it goes on.

Everything is swinging: heaven, earth, water, fire,
and the secret one slowly growing a body.
Kabir saw that for fifteen seconds, and it made him a servant for life.”

My religion is love

My religion is love

Hindu and Sufi ecstatic poetry is a special niche of poetry. Rumi, Kabir, Attar, all are famous and well loved even today in the twenty first century. They lived in the fifteenth century. That we can relate today is the surprise. Our souls recognize the familiar verses and they take the words right inside and leave them in the soul.

Kabir taunts the establishment. Robert Bly has had a tremendous influence on aesthetic poetry as a translator and editor. Coleman Barks has also worked hard editing and translating these poems into the understanding of western people in today’s world.

Kabir has interwoven Sufism with its confidence, secretive, desert meditation and Hindu which is more serious on the surface. Sufism has arisen utterly opposed to orthodoxy, and dances its way into our souls. It changes you and you never change back.

Have you heard the music that no fingers
enter into?
Far inside the house
entangled music—
What is the sense of leaving the house?

Suppose you scrub your ethical skin until it shines,
but inside there is no music,
then what?

Mohammed’s son pores over words, and points and this
and that,
but if his chest is not soaked dark with love,
then what?

The Yogi comes along in his famous orange.
But if inside he is colorless, then what?

Kabir says: Every instant that the sun is risen,
if I stand in the temple, or on a balcony,
in the hot flelds, or in a walled garden,
my own Lord is making love with me.”

Prayer beads

Prayer beads

rumilove                                                                                                                                           Dance with the ecstacy of the Beloved