Boston Marathon 27,000 participants

Boston Marathon
27,000 participants

My heart has been rendered in two. Two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon Finishline and at the JFK Library. Tears are slowly coursing down my face. We need to send prayers, positive energy and loving support to the deceased, the injured, the families and the viewers.

The journey is peace and we must meet every act of violence with peace and loving forgiveness

The journey is peace and we must meet every act of violence with peace and loving forgiveness

We must meet all acts of violence with an increase of peace, kindness, love, and compassion. Is it easy? No way. But if we meet violence with violence there will only be an increase in violence. We are being tested and our humanity put to the test.

” O Thou, the Cause and Effect of the whole universe, the Source from whence we have come and the Goal towards which all are bound:  receive this soul who is coming to Thee into Thy parental arms. May Thy forgiving Glance heal these people. Lift them from the denseness of the earth, surround them with the light of Thine own Spirit. Raise them up to Heaven, which is their true dwelling place. We pray Thee grant them with the blessing of Thy most exalted Presence. May their lives upon earth become as a dream to his waking soul, and let their thirsting eyes behold the glorious Vision of Thy Sunshine. Amen

Come Together in Love

Come Together in Love

” Death takes away the weariness of life; and the soul begins life anew.
Death is the night after which the day begins.
It is death which dies, not life.
The life everlasting is hidden in the heart of death.” —Hazrat Inayat Khan

A Prayer for Each of Us

“Help me to serve Thy cause.
O Spirit of Guidance, throw thy Divine LIght on my Path.
Open my heart, that thy spirit it may reflect.
My life is changing and taking a better turn on my journey.
My mind is still, Lord, with all people and with all conditions of the body.
May your Divine Inspiration fill my life, guide my thoughts and emotions.
Help my mind be your Divine Temple.”

One World, One love, One life now and always.

One World, One love, One life now and always.

8 thoughts on “Terrorism

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Thank you Ms. Barbara for your inspirational post. A kind word when most needed.

  2. I heard this and my mouth opened and not again came out of my mouth – makes my heart sad:( People just going about their day and then tragedy – why?!? Senseless!

  3. prayingforoneday says:

    Pointless and senseless death and hurt… xx

  4. I’m still watching updates on this on the news. Heard where one of the people killed was an eight year old. One of my granddaughters is 8 years old. I can not imagine the emotional pain for loved ones.

  5. Linne says:

    Thank you for putting a positive attitude out there as a better way to meet this challenge. It’s not easy, but it is worthwhile. We will not have peace in the world until we have peace in our hearts. You may not have heard, but the fire in the JFK library was deemed unrelated, last I heard. I have an eight year old grandson and I feel for all these people, even while I know there is a reason behind it all that we do not yet understand. ~ Linne (BTW, have you read “Peace Pilgrim” ? She taught me a great deal through her writings. )

    • It is what life has taught me to do. We would go insane unless we could choose to put the events of life’s journey in the light. Blessings, Barbara

      • Linne says:

        I agree with you so much. We do not always know why something happens to us, and we often feel like victims; however, we always have the choice to meet a challenge in a way that brings good into the world. Adding negativity to negativity will never add up to a positive. I think when we see events from a cosmic viewpoint, it becomes easier (never easy) to meet them with grace and courage.
        Blessings to you also. ~ Linne

  6. I cannot even react to this senseless and horrible violence. I am rendered speechless and brought to my knees.

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