Relief workers respond to typhoon

Pray for the dead, the survivors, and the first responders.

Anderson Cooper 360

Some of the areas hardest hit by the typhoon are physically remote, many are cut off from communications, and there are reports some areas are totally destroyed. Those are just some of the challenges for relief workers. The storm struck the island of Bohol as it was struggling to rebuild from an earthquake that struck last month. Anderson spoke with Mark Dyer, a response team leader for Shelterbox.
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Anderson spoke with Mary Ann Zamora in Cebu City for World Vision.

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Secretary Kerry’s bombshell on the JFK assassination

I never believed it either and never will!

Anderson Cooper 360

In the five decades since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy many Americans have never believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman. Today Secretary of State John Kerry said that he’s not convinced either. Anderson discussed this with author Philip Shenon and presidential historian Douglas Brinkley.

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FAA: It’s Drones All The Way

Drones may be flying over us

The Firewall

The chief of the Federal Aviation Administration predicted Thursday that U.S. airspace could be crowded with as many as 7,500 commercial drones within the next five years. As The Washington Times reports, Michael Huerta said his agency would set up six sites across the country to test drone operators and, in an effort to balance privacy/safety with anarchic airspace drone pollution, he added, “we must fulfill those obligations in a thoughtful, careful manner that ensures safety and promotes economic growth, ” as dangerous incidents involving drones have already taken place

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What does Marketplace health insurance cover, Essential Health Benefits |

Information for those who have lost insurance. How you can get better insurance.

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

These are the benefits all plans must have that your canceled plan did not have.

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“Planning on flying anywhere for the holidays? If you owe back taxes, are a frequent flyer, or own a blog that is critical of the government, you might want to rethink your plans. Under the radar in October, the TSA tightened their screening guide lines to include these in their “screenings”. In fact they want a full background check.

I think this is underhanded and unnecessary.

Random Candidate

.”The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) is stepping up its screenings to include even more information into your personal life before you can even board a plane. Before they will even “allow” you to travel to your next destination, they are going even further into the warrant-less search process and violating the Bill of Rights. While the majority of public in the United States will accept this as “routine” to “prevent terrorism”, the new checks may be anything but.

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