Thank you Dr. Rex for nominating me for this award.  I have found Dr Rex’s blog to be inspiring and informative and that this lovely woman thinks so much of my blog fills me with great pride.


Rules to this Award:

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I must use a letter of the Alphabet to say something about myself, here goes…..

  1. Artsy…looking to express my creative energies
  2. Bored easily…so I keep my mind moving
  3. Chattering…loves to talk
  4. Dreamer…other worlds
  5. Exciting…this journey is exciting to me
  6. Freedom…remember the old Eagles song Desperado?
  7. Goofy…I can dissolve into giggles
  8. Human…I don’t expect people to be more human than I am
  9. Instigator …it is the ability to stir things up a bit…just a bit
  10. Knowing ….an ability to sometimes know what is going to happen
  11. Likeable…others like to hang out with me
  12. Musical …. I love jazz, classic rock, reggae, blues, classical, zydeco
  13. Nurturing …a Taurus thing
  14. Orderly ….. everything has a place where it lives and it needs to be there
  15. Private …how much I reveal is equal to the amount of trust I have for someone
  16. Quiet … as I get older, I am quieter
  17. Reasonable…explain it to me reasonably and I will work with you
  18. Sexy ……in the day, well a few of them. LOL
  19. Tenacious…don’t give up; it is part of the Taurus thing
  20. Universal … I am a child of the Universe
  21. Vital…every moment needs to be vital
  22. Woman…I love being a woman
  23. eXpressive…my mind is always going and so is my mouth
  24. Youthful…outside I am 63 but inside I am 30
  25. zany…I will try anything once

I now nominate 8 people with this Award:

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  2. inavukic
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  5. jackie saulmon Ramirez
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Please, kindly accept this award.

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Presque Isle

In my home town, we have Presque Isle gives us 5 miles of pristine beach

In my home town, we have Presque Isle which gives us 5 miles of pristine beach

lifeguard stand

Animals, birds, and humans all love the Penninsula

Animals, birds, and humans all love the Penninsula

The dock, Dobbins Landing

The dock, Dobbins Landing




All photography taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio  2002

The beach is on one side of the Penninsula and the other is the bay.

The beach is on one side of the Penninsula and the other is the bay.

I grew up in a relatively small home. But when I was growing up we were a tourist spot. The penninsula provided swimming, boating, water skiing, and walking in the woods and finding deer. We cross country skied there. Erie is small and it is not a rich city, but I will tell you that you can’t find better, nicer or friendlier people anywhere. Most of my friends have moved out and around the country. We still keep in touch. I hope you enjoyed your tour.

Sentencing Abuse Alleged By Judge, With Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman, Santa Clara, California

sentencing errors.

Social Action 2014

Sentencing Abuse Alleged By Judge, With Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman, Santa Clara, California

Retired Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman, of Santa Clara, California, talks with The Family Law Channel about the sentencing abuse allegations made by a federal judge.

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Death Penalty Weekly Review: November 1 2013

justice for a man on death row. Blessings

Social Action 2014

The latest developments in the death penalty from the Death Penalty Information Center. For more updates, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also visit

Twitter: @DPInfoCtr

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Tired Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This woman is a heroine. Please read her blog.

Petchary's Blog

Mid-week, and I am tired. And time is speeding by.

More secrecy: Minister of Transport and Works and our resident Environmental Expert Omar “Two Likkle Lizards” Davies made an announcement in the Lower House on Tuesday regarding the “study” on Goat Islands, the Portland Bight Protected Area and the proposed logistics hub. Only after a question from the Opposition’s Audley Shaw did it become clear that no other location is under consideration. So that’s that? Perhaps. After giving away as little as possible on the subject, Minister Davies then sat down and proceeded to laugh and joke through the remainder of the debate on the subject. Glad you find the selling out of a precious piece of our environmental and cultural heritage so humorous, Mr. Davies. But we should be used to the sheer arrogance of our politicians. It takes one’s breath away sometimes, though. Here is the laughing Minister…

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