Tired Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This woman is a heroine. Please read her blog.

Petchary's Blog

Mid-week, and I am tired. And time is speeding by.

More secrecy: Minister of Transport and Works and our resident Environmental Expert Omar “Two Likkle Lizards” Davies made an announcement in the Lower House on Tuesday regarding the “study” on Goat Islands, the Portland Bight Protected Area and the proposed logistics hub. Only after a question from the Opposition’s Audley Shaw did it become clear that no other location is under consideration. So that’s that? Perhaps. After giving away as little as possible on the subject, Minister Davies then sat down and proceeded to laugh and joke through the remainder of the debate on the subject. Glad you find the selling out of a precious piece of our environmental and cultural heritage so humorous, Mr. Davies. But we should be used to the sheer arrogance of our politicians. It takes one’s breath away sometimes, though. Here is the laughing Minister…

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