Clicking Away in New Orleans: Off the Beaten Path Part II, The Restaurants (Oyster bar and Beignet)

I love the French Quarter. I’ve been there many times. It is pure bliss.

The High Heel Gourmet

Casamentos's New Orleans by The High Heel Gourmet

Well, talking about oysters, I was so lucky to be in NOLA during oyster season. (Please, see my last post “Off the Beaten Path I” for the best oysters from Pascal’s Manale for the completion.) I LOVE oysters, especially really fresh ones. In New Orleans oysters don’t have pearls in them like the rest of the country so, they are cheaper. (I hope you know that I’m BSing) No, it’s not THAT,  but oysters there are so inexpensive.

I have to make sure that they charged me right because when I ordered oysters someplace else, it would be $2-3/ each. In New Orleans it is $5-7/ half dozen! If that is still too much for you, how about $9-14/dozen. I was in oyster heaven (maybe the oyster thought it was hell, but I haven’t heard that directly from them, though).

So, which oyster bar Chef Markvs told me…

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Thousands of the Dead and I

There is not one person who is better than another. Be are each unique and different. None are lessor.

Eyes of the Mind

Warning: The following article contains images of political symbols that have been used to incite ethnic hatred.

Today, the 18th of November, I’m not going to discuss what happened on this day twenty-two years ago.  I want to talk about what happened afterwards under the veil of Serb occupation.  Most of you will be all too familiar with the carnage and suffering of the Siege of Vukovar itself.  If you are not, I suggest you refresh your memory by watching this short video.

The world saw very little of the Serb occupation that began on November the 18th.  Indeed, even Croatians were cut off from what was going on in their own country.  You couldn’t make a ‘phone call from Vukovar to Osijek thirty-five kilometres away.  Non-Serbs who were left behind found themselves on the wrong side of a front line under the brutal dominion of…

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Americans Poor Kids Full BBC Documentary

I wonder if the GOP even cares about these children. I respect how hard it is for people. We are going to have to work together because no child is worth less than another. This America. It is a sin that we having starving children. Congress quit playing politics. You should be ashamed.

Social Action 2014

Americans Poor Kids Full BBC Documentary

Lily’s story: it takes more than drive to succeed

Poverty is a thief that steals childhood dreams. You can’t expect a kid to excel when they have to raise the rest of their family

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