Croatia: Serbs Attempt Throwing Spanners Into Imminent Trial For Post-WWII Communist Crimes

Many people don’t know Croatia. My maternal grandparents came from to escape communism. Anyone who commit war crimes against the Croatian people should have to stand trial just as the Nazi’s did

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Indictment for war crimes against against Josip Boljkovac (93) was confirmed by the District court in Zagreb at the end of October this year. It alleges that he committed war crimes against civilians after WWII in Karlovac area.

At the same time, representatives of Association of refugee Serbs from Croatia hold that Croatian authorities must first process Boljkovac for crimes and deportation of Serbs from Croatia during 1990’s!

The president of the Association of refugee Serbs from Croatia, Nikola Puzigaca, who is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, considers that it’s “unacceptable for Boljkovac to first answer in the Croatian court for crimes against civilians, who collaborated with the Ustashi regime, after WWII while nobody is answering for crimes against Serbs in the last war in Croatia”.

Boljkovac must first answer for the deportation of Serbs from Croatia in 1990’s, and after that all other responsibilities…

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