Mellow Yellow Monday #4


Photo by Barbara Mattio

t is here again. Monday! I find that Monday’s aren’t as awful since I began Mellow Yellow Mondays. It is amazing what we can change by changing the way we think. It is a beautiful day here and I feel grateful for the magic of the sun. It warms the joints and gives us vitamin D. It lures the growth of plants. It entices the blooms to open and to add their fragrance to the air. The sunshine carries the sound of children laughing and playing. So I am going to enjoy this yellow day and will return tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday #4

  1. Yes I so agree, its all a matter of how we perceive as to how we view our world..
    The Sun is here in the UK at last, and Yes Yellow brings yet more brightness into our Day what ever day of the week..
    Wishing you a Great Monday.. even though its evening here.. 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful photograph. What kind of butterfly is this?

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