The beginning of Peace

Photo by Barbara Mattio

” The fruit of silence is Prayer
The fruit of prayer is Faith
The fruit of faith is Love.
The fruit of love is Service.
The fruit of service is Peace.”

—-Mother Theresa

We talk so much about peace. And then they talk some more. We wish for peace, we pray for peace, we hate those who are different and we talk some more about peace. We don’t like different colors, we don’t like wearing hoodies, and we pray for peace. We tell others that if they don’t worship like we do, they will not experience St. Peter and the pearly gates. We hate those who have a different culture. We become violent when changes are suggested for our country. We let fear and anger twist our thinking and our souls, but we know God is with us and we pray for peace. Peace needs to start somewhere and the best place is within our hearts and souls. If we develop peace within our own families, communities and with our friends; it is the place for beginnings.
If each of the 7 billion + people on Mother Earth start in their own lives and in their communities, a wave of peace will begin to spread over the world. Let it begin with each of us.

Photo by Barbara Mattio

Tea Party Slayer

See Link Above – Opinion: Republicans jab Obama on jobs, but have no plan of their own


In fact, fixing the economy is the entire basis of Romney’s campaign. So what plans does the GOP candidate have to rev up the economy?


His most concrete idea for creating jobs is to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The idea has political potency because President Obama, citing environmental concerns, denied a permit for TransCanada Corp. to construct the 1,700-mile pipeline.

However, the number of jobs that would be created by Keystone could generously be described as modest.

TransCanada initially estimated the project would create 20,000 jobs — 13,000 for the actual construction and 7,000 for manufacturing steel and other equipment.

In subsequent interviews the firm’s executives and economists who consulted on the study clarified that each of those “jobs”…

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