Spiritual Unity

Throughout history, there have been many different religions. Religions have destroyed many lives. The reason is that they focus on the differences between religions. “My religion is the only correct one so everyone’s else’s beliefs are wrong.” “If you are different you are wrong and God doesn’t love you.” This disharmony causes much suffering and even the wars we have gone through. Everywhere in the world unity is lacking.  There is now a new spirit afoot to “rise above the differences which divide us”.

All of the scriptures given to the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians have unity as the common thread throughout their sacred writings and beliefs. Mankind has forgotten the inner meaning, the inner voice that can be found in these writings. All scriptures contain words spoken from the same Source. The reason scriptures are given is to promote the unity of the spirit.

Billions of people believe in Divinity but very few actually make God a reality in their lives. Part of the problem is that God is infinite and as humans we tend to attempt to make God understandable. In doing so, we make God finite. We then miss the full experience of the God of the Universe. Humans can only perceive so much and then they let the rest slide by. As human beings having a spiritual experience we need to rise above our imaginations, what we are used to and what we can not reach. Our finite minds can’t easily perceive the hidden secrets of God. The unity of God is a hidden secret.

What a blessing to humanity to experience nations, races, and religions coming together in unity and love for the Divine.

Photograph by Barbara Mattio

Photography by Barbara Mattio