The Night Dances

Gathering flowers

gathering of the flowers

” A smile fell in the grass.

And how will your night dances
Lose themselves. In mathematics?

Such pure leaps and spirals—-
Surely they travel

The world forever, I shall not entirely
Sit emptied of beauties, the gift

Of your small breath, the drenched grass
Smell of your sleeps, lilies, lilies.

Their flesh bears no relation.
Cold folds of ego, the calla,

And the tiger, embellishing itself——-
Spots, and a spread of hot petals.

The coments
Have such a space to cross,

Such coldness, forgetfulness
So your gestures flake off——

Warm and human, then their pink light
Bleeding and peeling
Through the black amnesias of heaven
Why am I given

These lamps, these planets
Falling like blessings, like flakes

Six-sided, white
On my eyes, my lips, my hair

Touching and melting/
—–Sylvia Plath

I have always been a night person, night owl of the lyrics. My mind rushes with ideas, my eyes filled with the heavenly lights, the moon, stars, planets and the shooting stars. Alone with the Divine lights and my soul. I meditate, paint, read, and write. The night makes my heart free. Ah, and then the morning. Not my time to function. My body is heavy and my mind vague and fuzzy. I really love to awaken slowly with a stretch of limbs to open my heart and soul to the love that fills me. I am seldom understood. But what can I say, the night dances.

Comet dances in the night

Comet dances in the night

9 thoughts on “The Night Dances

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

    • Did you have a good day. I went up to the store to have lunch with friends. Brian, a make-up artist did my eyes with color that just came out and I pulled a customer for him to do and then we all went to dinner. When I got home it was into the hot tub and it felt great. Now I am just tired. Noon tomorrow I walk with the girls and at 5 we are going to take Tyler to a Crushers game. Minor league. But he loves it and so do I. Baseball is my game. Do you have a favorite spott?

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        I have become less and less interested in sports as I get older. I get excited at season opening of sports but lose interest. Basketball is too boring if the teams have no superstars, Baseball season is too long, golf is good only on the final day of a tournament. Hockey is a fast paced exciting sport, football is just right for me, only a handful of games so each game means something but football is too violent, players kill themselves after retirement from head injuries.

        So I guess I really don’t have a sport to call “my sport.”

      • I do not understand football and hockey. I do love to watch the Indians play. I yell really well. It comes from rock concerts.

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        All sports are an escape from realities issues, a way to relax & have fun. We all need that. 😉

  2. Emma Lewis says:

    I am very much a night person these days, too. It is cooler and my thoughts flow better. It is a time of creativity for me…

  3. andrea says:

    Meine WPadresse hat sich geändert….
    HERZlichst ANDREA

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