Pool of Creativity

Source of Inspiration


Is there a central pool of creativity
that we can tap into; a pool of art,
music, literature, science, sources of
all aspects of creativity waiting for
us to manifest at this level?

It is our heritage to create. I expect
people who are “not creative” have not
explored this aspect of themselves…
perhaps afraid to do so, “Not good enough,”
instilled in them.

There is great joy in creating. It
is the act itself that rewards, not
the end product, therefore making
all creative actions, “good enough.”

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I helped start a Dv shelter in the 70’s. This poem is done so well. I remember counseling the women, writing briefs, taking pictures of injuries, taking them to the hospital, feeding the kids. This was my second job. I was a psych nurse too. I can’t begin to tell you the stories I heard, but I will tell you this…of the hundreds of women who passed through my life, I lost two. They didn’t listen and the men killed them. My heart has never recovered. This is such an amazing poem. Truth that flows like a brook.