1-Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. That could be written down or video recorded.

2-Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re- post should include a NEW list of people, blogs worthy of the award, and winners notify them the great news.


1-What makes a good acceptance speech?

-Gratitude: Thank the people who helped you along the way.

-Humor: Keep us entertained and smiling.

-Inspiration: Make your story touch our lives.

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My Acceptance speech:

I gratefully accept this “Best Moments” Award because life is a series of moments that make up our journey on this plane. Moments are the metaphysical gems that sparkle and shine. Our journey also contains rocks and potholes .The gems, music, stories, paintings, stars, fairies, and joy make this journey worth the trials and tribulations. They are a reason we walk our path to learn our lessons and to experience the Divinity within the cosmos. I need to thank Moments Matter also here for making this Award. Moments for me are what make the World go round. I became a photographer to save my moments and to understand the reality of life. Thank you very much and I hope those I am sending this award on to will enjoy receiving it as much as I did.

I now Nominate some people for the Moments award, if you have this already? Please go here and download the 2nd, 3rd, whatever, or how many times you have had this.

Juiseppi B


renard moreau

Doctor Rex









Sue Vincent

Lady BLue Rose’s Thoughts



Non-Chemical Relief for Insomnia!

I am the queen of insomnia about 6 months out of the year; while I can’t get enough the rest of the time. It is so important for us all to have the proper sleep. I hope that this video will assist many insomniacs.  Our lives are very busy and very complicated. It is not a surprise that we carry the pressures from our jobs, decisions concerning our children, financial troubles and much more to our beds. No matter how physically tired we are; often the mind just can’t turn off. I have found that there are three ways that help me to go to sleep. One is the sounds of nature, one is guided meditation and one is music written to change our brain waves.

I have had good success with all of these. Because the music that changes the brain waves is a little harder to find so I am  going to share some with you to try. Don’t worry if you don’t have the relief you need. Keep it up and the Universe will help your conscious mind to let go and you will accomplish the desired sleep you need.

Copy (2) of water lillie

Water lillies Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2013

“Flowers and bees may be different, but the honey is the same.

Systems of faith may be different, but God is One.”

—Rig Veda

Looking For Something…

Females are not taught that they are strong and equal. We have to change that now.

I Want Ice Water!

For someone like me, who wants nothing more than to live in a world where beauty and reason are synonymous, the reality of having so much that is beyond my control just leaves me longing. Longing for something…

The Serenity Prayer

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