I Believe in All That Has Never Yet Been Spoken

my oldest daughter teaches special education and it is a very hard job that isn’t all that rewarding in that you can’t see the gains made right away, but they are there.

Teacher as Transformer

I am getting back into a groove after my first full week home. I let things flow a bit this week. Rilke suggested letting go or not contriving in this poem. When I don’t over plan, I find I am more open and accept the flow of things much like the beginner’s mind of a child. Watching children engrossed in play is a reminder that can happen for me as an adult and, as it does, the river widens and flows in every widening channels. Life becomes somehow larger, but not in an explainable way.

Posting images of our trip through Glacier National Park is believing in all that has never yet been spoken. Nature allows me to speak without using words. It is a palette of creation which speaks without speaking and shares without words. It just is and teaches through its presence.

The role of sabbath is to…

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Maya Angelou

The dream of equality

The dream of equality

Another of my favorite writers and poets is Maya Angelou. I admire her talent and the kind of woman she is. She supports other talented people, especially women.

“No more slavery,
No more slavery,
No more slavery over me.”

Every generation has people born into it who are not necessarily geniuses or Rhodes Scholars, but they are men and women who see life in a different way. I see them in poverty, mostly unschooled, both genders, all religions and races. I see them as they walk through life, avoiding obstacles, rising out of pain, opening areas to any and all who need a hug of encouragement. I believe these people are very special and may even be angels given the gift of life on this plane.

Mays Angelou is one of these people. She walks with the dignity of a Queen and the loving heart of Mother Teresa and Sojourner Truth. She shimmers and shines. Life has not been easy for her.

If you are not familiar with her work, I suggest Even the Stars Look Lonesome, The Heart of a Woman, and The Poetry of Maya Angelou.

She tells a story about Sojourner Truth who was born a slave and fled. She assisted other fugitive slaves through the Underground Railroad and she worked with other women sufragets to earn the vote for women. There is a play about her life called “God and a Woman”.

Maya has a clear, powerful voice that rings with sadness, pain as well as joy and contentment.

Maya Angelou's wisdom

Maya Angelou’s wisdom

Lord, In My Heart by Maya Angelou

“Holy haloes

Ring me around

Spirit waves on

spirit sound

Meshach and


Golden chariots

Swinging low

I recite them

in my sleep

Jordan’s cold

and briny deep

Bible lessons

Sunday school

Bow before the

Golden Rule

Now I wonder

if I tried

Could I turn my

cheek aside

Marveling with


Of my true Christ-

like control

and the nature

of my soul.

Would I strike with

rage divine

Till the culprit

fell supine

Hit out broad all

fury red

Till my foes are

fallen dead”

I think the first time the white middle class became aware of Maya is when she recited her poem, On the Pulse of the Morning, at President Clinton’s inauguration.

What will you do?

What will you do?

What the Lord says

What the Lord says

Children learn racism

Children learn racism