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Playing Your Hand Right

Well Disciples I have just sent the order of chapters to the editor and it looks like I’m done with the book. We already did the editing and just had to order it. Holy fuck… Time to Nut up or Shut Up, but that’s why I’m showing you how to live. Sometimes you just have to whip it out with full confidence in yourself and see if it gets sucked. Go balls deep America. Always. Everybody go out tonight, get laid and drunk, in honor of this masterpiece coming to you soon. Wear condoms.

For your reading pleasure I wont be doing gay shit like removing chapters from the blog. Keep reading the blog, but it is the rough draft of the book. I have written, four maybe five I’m already drunk, new chapters that will be only in the book. Frankly they fucking rock. They are the Battle, the…

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Emergency Declared at Fukushima

This is horrible for the Japaneese people but it is also dangerous for the rest of us. Not anyon’s fault but scary. Blessings to the Japaneese people. Hugs, Barbara


From ‘nsnbc‘, the latest on the Fukushima catastrophe. The level of health danger to the whole world cannot be exaggerated. The poor Japanese are in for a torrid future. The rest of the world cannot escape serious consequences and should be made aware of all the risks. (Refer News You Don’t Want to Read About Fukushima ). There is much more involving food chains and air quality that extends globally.

The degree of denial and cover up associated with this drastic situation is a disgrace to the human race.  Amazingly, many still believe that nuclear power is ‘safe’ enough to continue its use and further development.

Admittedly, if a transfer to Thorium Salt Reactors ( refer  China claims it leads the way with safe nuclear energy by using thorium), was being seriously and urgently implemented, the world would seem to have a better future. Not without issues (refer Nuclear…

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Petitioning Robert E. Cooper, Jr. Tennessee State Attorney General, Department Of Justice: Give Cyntoia Brown A New Trial

I have loved her music for a long time.

Social Action 2014

      Petitioning Robert E. Cooper, Jr.  Tennessee State Attorney General, Department Of Justice: Give Cyntoia Brown A New Trial

Cyntoia Brown is serving a life sentence in Tennessee Prison for Women for the murder of Johnny Allen. However, there is evidence to support that she did this is self-defense, she was also 16 at the time the incident AND was tried as an adult.There is also evidence to suggest that Cyntoia has some mental and emotional disorders as a result of being abused s a child. Please help her get a re-trial so that the mistake of giving her a life sentence can be corrected.


You can write Cyntoia Brown at 

3881 Stewart’s Lane
Nashville, TN 37218

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Home Grown Taliban

Are you muttering to the television, do you yell at your TV?  Are you weary from all of the assaults of the Home Grown Taliban? I know. Now you think I am crazy. No I am fine and just being realistic about the life of women.

Are you tired of hearing State Congressmen and -women and Federal Senators and Representatives saying things in public that you want to have them fired for? One of my favorites is Senator Orrin Hatch speaking this pearl:  “Capital punishment is our society’s recognition of the sanctity of human life.”  There are the remarks dealing with “legitimate rape”, women needing to be beaten, daughters being worth less than sons. It goes on and on ad nauseum.

Here in the United States we are no longer top in the fields of math and science.  Part of the reason we have lost our place is the extreme religious right. For the first time in thirty-six years, the U.S. now educates fewer scientists each year. We import more high-tech items than we export.

The religious right fights against programs to provide condoms to the poor. Abstinence programs  are failing, and teen pregnancy is on the rise.

The health of those that the religious right does not value is endangered.  There have been republicans who say that if a HIV vaccine were developed, they would be against using it. Scientists have developed the human papilloma virus vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, but the religious right’s opposes funding the vaccine for those who need it.. The stem cell research is moving slowly now because the religious right opposes the research, ignoring the gain to medicines that are being lost.

For instance, my younger sister has a genetic liver disease that will inevitably kill her. She doesn’t drink, this is totally genetic. She needs a new liver, but cannot get a normal transplant because she cannot take the medicine that prevents rejection.  The only hope for her and others like her is that scientists develop a method for growing a new liver from her own cells . It won’t happen now unless it happens from stem cells.  So the religious right has decided, essentially, that my sister and thousands like her will have to die.

James Dobson’s War on America is the first book written by a religious right organization.  All women, men of color, Jews, Muslims, homosexual people and others are harmed by the actions and attitudes on the part of the Christian Right.

The extreme religious right operates behind the scenes, urging opposition to what people in American need.

The great Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis wrote, “Those who won our independence believed…that the greatest menace to freedom is an inert people…that it is hazardous to discourage thought, hope, and imagination; that fear breeds repression; that repression breeds hate; that hate menaces stable government…(Fear) can’t alone justify suppression of free speech and assembly.”

Therefore, there is much that is similar between the religious right and the Taliban. They both agree on women and want to disenfranchise women, keep women from education, and keep women silent in the background, possessions of their men.

The state of our Union has been corrupted, and the women of the U.S. have been disenfranchised the way the Taliban has disenfranchised Middle Eastern women. The three largest Christian-right organizations call for “crusaders” to pray that certain  U.S.  Supreme Court justices whose voting records they dislike will die, An emotional war of hatred. The televangelist Pat Robertson has blamed Ellen Degeneres for Hurricane Katrina, because she’s gay.

If the religious right is not stopped, as time goes on, we women will lose more and more of our rights and equality. The Religious Right is beginning to sound and act like the Taliban. This is terrible for women everywhere. Speak up and speak out before you use this right. Sign petitions, volunteer at a women’s shelter or a women’s clinic. We can all light our candles and not look away. Face those who denigrate women.

Artichoke & Spinach Pesto

A little fun for a picnic or party


As summer is starting to wind down, we all need some great recipes to use up our basil plants and while a plain basil pesto is a great option, this recipe is even better! Packed with bold flavors from spinach, basil, artichoke hearts & walnut it’s a healthy and unique version of a classic. We kept this dish vegan by tossing it with gluten-free pasta and not only was it was crazy good, it was really filling too! The original recipe called for making a roux with soy milk, vegan margarine and flour but since we only had vanilla soy milk in the fridge I skipped this step. I would imagine it just serves to thin the pesto out a bit but I liked how thick ours was.

Recipe adapted from The Part-Time Vegan cookbook.

In the bowl of a food processor, combine 1 cup fresh basil leaves, 1 cup…

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