Peace Begins at Home

Costa Rica; Acrylic paint by Barbara Mattio 2011

Costa Rica; Acrylic paint
by Barbara Mattio 2011

Many people talk about peace, write about peace, sing about peace and march about peace. This is all very wonderful, however, how does it actually start?  What is the germ of peace that gets planted that makes people want to work for peace?

I believe that the desire for peace is within our souls at birth and it is a desire that cell memory carries. Every cell of every organ is imprinted with peace. I am not going to address those people like Hitler or Ted Bundy. That is another discussion.

As we grow into childhood and adulthood, we develop thoughts. Some thoughts are good and some are not so good. Some are evil even. Thoughts have energy and as we “think” the good thoughts go out into the Universe and bring good energy and vibrations. Evil ones or bad ones work the same. This is why affirmations and positive thinking are so important.

If I tell myself that I am stupid or ugly every day, I will begin to believe it. That negativity will effect myself and everything around me. So it is vital to watch your thoughts. If you have a negative one, replace it with a positive one. Practicing gratitude everyday is also creating positive thoughts.  Thoughts go out into this world and can affect nature, plants, trees, animals, insects, even our water. Studies have been done and the results are remarkable. You may want to look at my blogs from last year.

Once we begin to watch our thoughts and keep them positive as much as possible, then the cell memories have the ability to grow and thrive. Peace begins to fill us and as we are filled, peace emanates from our beings and people can feel the peace when they are around us. The opposite is also true.  As we feel positive about people and life, we begin to feel like doing things that help others. Perhaps volunteer work. Perhaps joining a Peace organization. You begin to bring peace to others and your actions and words bring peace in your life. The ripple starts with you and moves outward until neighborhoods, cities, counties and countries feel more peaceful. Now if half of the people on our planet would start with positive thoughts, can you imagine the difference this would make in the world?

Try it. Creating peace is free and feels wonderful.

Iranian cheetahs need more space

This will amaze you

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This 2019 video is called Cheetahs – High-speed hunters of the savannah.

From Wildlife Extra:

Iranian cheetahs need large and secure reserves to ensure their survival

Study reveals that cheetahs struggle to survive in small and fragmented reserves

August 2013. According to a recent investigation, Asiatic cheetahs that have the largest ranges normally live longer than cheetahs with restricted ranges.

Analysis of more than 100 cheetah individuals recorded during past decade in Iran indicates that a reserves’ size and integrity can contribute to better survival rates of the critically endangeredAsiatic cheetahs in Iran.

Kavir, Turan and Naybandan are the most important large sites for the cheetahs in the country. However, in contrast, cheetahs occurring within smaller areas have been recorded on camera traps for shorter periods, normally less than two years. The maximum known presence of a cheetah in smaller areas is around three years.

Cover large distances


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Why We Fight: Anti-Nuke Victory in Florida Serves as Reminder

Florida is doing a wonderful thing for Mother Earth

Earth First! Newswire

by Panagioti / Earth First! News

Geologists estimate that there are more than 700 springs in Florida, representing thelargest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth.

Most of these springs are concentrated in the northwestern portion of the peninsula, known as The Nature Coast, the heart of which was poised for clearing thousands of acres of forest and wetlands for one of the first proposals of the nuclear Renaissance. 

When Earth First! activists in Florida joined with local land owners and organizers around the state four years ago, it was hard to envision how victory could actually come about in the face of nukes being presented as the only alternative to fossil fuel.

Today, thanks to social pressure and crumbling economies, there is a renewed trend:from Georgia to California, nukes are on their way out again—even ones that werealready under construction.

Let this be a…

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