Doctor Who’s TARDIS Exists in Google Maps (and Yes, You Can Explore It)


The Doctor is apparently visiting Earth again, and this time he’s left his TARDIS — that’s Time and Relative Dimension in Space, nerds — parked outside Earl’s Court in London. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

In case you’re unacquainted with the two-hearted, god-like alien who looks like an ordinary human and in recent years has a penchant for tweed jackets, bow ties and suspenders, he travels through space and time in a sentient bio-ship that looks like a 1960s-era London police box: deep blue phone booth-like kiosks the British police used to communicate before the advent of two-way radios and mobile phones.

Here’s the thing: It’s bigger on the inside. That’s what everyone says, anyway. And you can poke around inside all that embiggened otherworldliness by clicking here or just dropping “Earl’s Court” into Google Maps, then bringing up the Street View and clicking the double chevrons…

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