Iranian cheetahs need more space

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This 2019 video is called Cheetahs – High-speed hunters of the savannah.

From Wildlife Extra:

Iranian cheetahs need large and secure reserves to ensure their survival

Study reveals that cheetahs struggle to survive in small and fragmented reserves

August 2013. According to a recent investigation, Asiatic cheetahs that have the largest ranges normally live longer than cheetahs with restricted ranges.

Analysis of more than 100 cheetah individuals recorded during past decade in Iran indicates that a reserves’ size and integrity can contribute to better survival rates of the critically endangeredAsiatic cheetahs in Iran.

Kavir, Turan and Naybandan are the most important large sites for the cheetahs in the country. However, in contrast, cheetahs occurring within smaller areas have been recorded on camera traps for shorter periods, normally less than two years. The maximum known presence of a cheetah in smaller areas is around three years.

Cover large distances


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