FLEETWOOD MAC – Rhiannon – Rhiannon is the story of a lady that is from another world ~ called the Bright world ~ and she leaves her kingdom to become the wife of a king ~ a mortal king ~ but goddesses really can’t marry mortal kings, if they do they lose their powers ~ their magic powers. And they don’t lose the knowledge of them they just ~they know everything that’s going to happen they just can’tdo anything about it. Which is a much more difficult way to live than not having magic powers is to not be able to use them and know exactly what’s coming and to not be able to tell anybody. So she comes down and does her whole trip, and it’s just a whole story ~ it’s a wonderful story.

And she has these birds that sing and that is the legend of the song of the birds of Rhiannon. And they sing this song that is uh, said takes away pain and suffering and if you hear the song you just sort of blank out and go away and then when you wake up everthing’s all right. And it is a wonderful, wonderful story which I use a lot, because there’s a lot of ~ there seems to be a lot of need for the story of Rhiannon around lately, because if people are sad or have lost anybody or something the story really makes a lot of sense. -Stevei Nicks


I am in a mood or in a plethera of moods tonight and I thought you just might enjoy them this way.


This man has known much suffering. He wishes for a home. He won’t get one but he still can wish. How many of us still can wish. He also has health issues.

Social Action 2014

I met Donald while walking around in San Diego. Donald has been homeless ever since he got out of prison two years ago. Interesting that Donald says he was also homeless before he went into prison.

Donald is on social security, but he keeps getting denied housing because of his past. Donald needs to have back surgery, but because he does not have a place to stay to recover, they won’t do the surgery.

Donald says he is on parole and they don’t have a solution. He went to jail for a small infraction and was just released, and by the way he tells the story I get the feeling Donald would have rather stayed in jail.

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US unveils reforms on prison congestion

Social Action 2014

The United States has unveiled reforms to cut down on the number of people in federal prisons. For years, the number of prisoners in jail in the US has been increasing at a huge rate so much so that it has one of the biggest populations behind bars in the world. Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington, US.

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