Neighborhood watch shooter’s conviction overturned

Here we go with another neighborhood watch tragedy. It seems this is not a viable answer. Premeditation enters in here.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Court of Appeals has overturned the conviction of a Bluffdale man who shot and paralyzed another man in a neighborhood watch confrontation.

In a ruling handed down late Thursday, the appellate court overturned the attempted murder conviction of Reggie Campos, but upheld his conviction on aggravated assault. Campos had claimed errors made by his defense attorney at trial; the appellate court agreed.

“While each instance alone might not be sufficiently prejudicial to require reversal in this case, taken as a whole trial counsel’s deficient performance undermines our confidence in the verdict on the attempted murder charge,” the court wrote in its ruling.

The court said Campos’ defense attorney did not request special jury instructions on extreme emotional distress, nor did they object to the jury verdict form or statements prosecutors made in closing arguments.

In 2009, David Serbeck was acting as neighborhood watch in…

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Croatia: Communist Pollution Flutters On

Please read this well written article.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Ivo Josipovic Facebook

Friday 23 August was the European Day of Remembrance of victims of totalitarian regimes/ Nazism and Communism.
Millions were killed during World War II and more suffered under totalitarian regimes for decades after the war ended. To commemorate these victims and to make sure that we build our future while remembering our past, 23 August is the Europe-wide day of remembrance of the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes…

Today is a day to reflect upon and draw lessons from the most devastating chapters of European history. Preserving the memory of the crimes committed by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes is the only way to show younger generations that democracy and fundamental rights are not a given, but the result of a painful history. Keeping the memory alive is a way to ensure that Europe’s people can never be divided again. Totalitarianism has no place in Europe”, said…

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