Everyone can have Peace

We all want peace in our world. My hope would be that one day every sentient being will live in peace and light. We hope for it and we pray for it. Doesn’t seem enough. You can’t make people be peaceful.

I believe that creating peace in the world begins with each of us. Yes, I know it sounds like a cliche, but it is true none the less. We all have reasons in our lives that cause us not to have peace.

The past is one set of problems. Statistically, 30% of the average persons’ time is spent thinking about the past. What has happened to us, what we feel guilty about that perhaps we can’t fix. We have old tapes that run from the past and create triggers in the present. People push the triggers and our bodies and minds remember. Meditation is a big help and thousands of us are today using meditation as a means of being centered and balanced. The inner landscape also brings us into communion with the Divine. Quantum scientists now tell us that every cell in our bodies carries all of our memories.
That is staggering to me. They also state that with just 1 human cell that they can recreate the entire Universe. Why? We are all within each other. I am in the butterfly and the butterfly is within me. The Beloved is within me and I am within the Beloved. It is recommended that everyday, you make some silence and with intent give your past to the light. To the Universe, God, Goddess, Divine Energy. Whatever you are comfortable calling it. But doing it does loosen the “ties that bind” us to the past and the negativity which is part of why we lack inner peace.
If each sentient being would do this everyday, we would each have peace within our souls. That peace would radiate outward spreading peace to all who come into our own world. As they feel more peace, it will radiate from them to others in their worlds. The pattern happens millions of times over and over and the result is World Peace.
I don’t mean to make this sound like some easy peasy gimmick The first time I gave my past to the light—just having the intention and saying the words, I felt something loosen in my chest. It was a physical response to what my mind was doing. There is no magic formula for world peace, but each day, it can begin with each of us.

“Dear God,
I won’t spend one more day in fear,
Today I will not be limited by negative thoughts,
I will recognize the beauty you have surrounded me with,
Today I will be free of unrealistic expectations of myself and others.
Today I will stay in the present moment and practice gratitude for all
of my blessings, large and microscopic.”
—-Barbara Mattio

9 thoughts on “Everyone can have Peace

  1. rich says:

    of course you’re right that it begins inside each person. if each person took care of their own conflicts better, made better choices, then there comes peace.

  2. Ganesh says:

    Well explained article! Every atom has Nucleus(+) in the core which is surround by Electrons (-). Similarly, our Soul is full of positive energy or joy or bliss, Mind is around it (extension of Soul) which is wandering and get’s attracted to Objects and Negative Thoughts more easily. We can get in the core (Soul Consciousness) only we calm our mind which will result in Inner peace. Inner peace leads the way to World Peace! 🙂

  3. Beautifully written . It does leave one with a soft and restful feeling.

  4. Thank you Barbara for this wonderful inspiring post.. Yes Peace starts from within ones self, only then can it radiate outwards like a stone being dropped in the pond.. ‘The Ripple Effect’ spreading out gaining momentum…. If we want to change our societies then we have to first of all change ourselves and our way of thinking and being.. For we are all of us part of the community.. To bring Peace back into the community, we first need to start and feel and be that peace, respecting ourselves and nature and all living things.. When we learn to do that, we then start to change our societies.. and ultimately the world. ~Peace to you and thank you so very much for visiting and commenting upon Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.
    You have a wonderful inspiring uplifting site here yourself.. Thank you for allowing me the chance to share in its beauty .
    Blessings~ Sue Dreamwalker

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