For She is the Tree of Life

Photo by Barbara Mattio

Here we are two days from Mother’s Day and I have blogged about the original mother. Today I wish to pay homage to the Nanas, grandma’s, Bebe’s, and Grams in the world. Many of us benefited from the comfort, wisdom and succor of our grandmothers. I remember both of my grandmothers clearly.
One was English and we would have high tea in the afternoons. We would play bingo with her friends and I always won. I remember the toy box in the closet off of the dining room. She came over on the boat from England with her husband and 6 children to find a better life. I have two pieces of furniture she brought to America. I feel her spirit every time I look at them. She was a brave woman who did not find America’s roads paved with gold. I think I get courage from her and I am grateful for what she has added to my life

My maternal grandmother was the anchor in my life. I called her “gramcracker” and she took it with great humor. In my eyes, the sun rose and set on her yet I was aware she wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t either and we loved each other just as we were. She was a night person, a trait I inherited from her. She would sit in her chair and fall asleep. I would creep out of bed and sneak behind her chair and watch TV until the station signed off .( I am fairly old.) I am sure there were times she realized I was there and she never said a word. I learned unconditional love and acceptance from her.

Both of these women influenced my life and taught me to put roots down. This is something I do even when my life is in flux. When life changes, I move my roots. I wanted to share the importance of these women, who though in the twilight of their lives, enriched my life more than words can describe. What I learned from them is worth more than any amount of  money. They were the trees which gave me reflections of  who I really was despite anything else happening in my life. The love they gave to me taught me how to love others and that I was loveable.

Thank you to all of the grandmothers who have influenced the lives of their grandchildren. I hope I am half as good of a nana to my nine grandchildren.


“The very commonplaces of life are components of its eternal mystery.”
——Gertrude Atherton





5 thoughts on “For She is the Tree of Life

  1. MademoiselleBluebell says:

    This is a beautiful piece. I was raised by my Grandmother, so I found this very touching.

  2. mountainmae says:

    Quite lovely, you were lucky in your grandmoms. I think gramcracker is wonderful. I never really knew any of my grandparents.

  3. This brought tears.. I too cherished my Grandmother.. and the love she gave me… ~Blessings sent..

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