Life Without Peace?


At this moment, my heart and mind are on the victims of Malaysian Flight 17.  There is video of Ukrainian Separatists  acknowledging calmly that they knew 100% that the plane was a civilian plane. How do people knowingly shoot down a civilian airliner filled with men, women, children and infants? I have heard numbers but I am not certain of them at present. I will get them and share them with you.


As I wrote yesterday, the lives are gone. Their potential is gone. We can only imagine what is lost. What child might have made a break-through in curing Cancer?  But what we do know that we have lost, is one hundred scientists on their way to an international HIV/AIDS conference in Australia.  Because of this there will be people somewhere in our world who will die, whose chance at life is now gone.


Of the 295 people on the plane, 189 were Dutch.  My heart goes out to the Dutch people. I can’t even think of enough words to say how sorry I am and how I am so sorry for all the Dutch people. I know this must crush your hearts. You lost friends and colleagues. you lost children and grandchildren. I have nine grandchildren and I can’t imagine losing any of them. My words feel inadequate but the light and love I am sending to you is real. Mothers and fathers are dead, husbands and wives are gone leaving a hole within the families left behind. Nothing ever fills that hole; it remains forever and you learn to live around it. You try not to look at it, but time never takes it completely away. I say this from experience. Again, to the Dutch people, you have my deepest condolences.


Human beings have not learned that our actions have consequences. There are no acts committed that do not ripple like a pebble in a pond. We must learn from this. I am sorry for the conflict in the Ukraine and have prayer for a good solution. Committing acts such as this does not bring you the support of the world. There is no excuse for this type of unnecessary carnage to private citizens.


The children and three infants on the plane had no part in your conflict. But they were loved and had a purpose to their lives that will not be fulfilled. My heart also goes out to the Malaysian people. They have just suffered a huge loss with the flight that so recently disappeared and this will tear the scab off of that wound. May God heal your hearts and minds. To the Australian people, who also had people on flight 17, I am so sorry for your losses. So unnecessary and so horrible.


In addition to all of the scientists and advocates for HIV/AIDS who have devoted their lives to the task for ending the scourge of HIV/AIDS. I was a certified HIV/AIDS counselor in the capacity of one of my prior jobs. I know how it feels to tell someone that they were positive for HIV, and I know how critical research and advocacy for HIV/AIDS is. Many more people around the world will die because of this act of war.


The entire world is grieving with the friends and families of these victims. We are so sorry for your losses. And we hope you will find comfort and solace with the passage of time. And I also want to give condolences to the family and friends of the one American that has been identified as a passenger of this doomed flight. May God give you all peace and comfort in this tying time.











18 thoughts on “Life Without Peace?

  1. Seyi sandra says:

    It’s a sad event!

  2. 😦 There is so much suffering everywhere, it truly breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts 🙂

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There will never be a replacement for all that was lost in this senseless airplane crash …. I’m as speechless as I was when I heard yesterday!! SMH ….

  4. AmyRose says:

    Bless you, Barbara, for this post!!! Thank you for caring! LOve, Amy

  5. Evidently, I missed this news. Been busy with my daughter, and didn’t keep up with the current news yesterday. I’m shocked. And so saddened. A terrible tragedy. It’s true; who knows how those lost might have changed the world for better? They were murdered by sadistic savages.

  6. inavukic says:

    I cannot express in words the sadness that overtook my soul and heart when I heard of the plane shot down. My daughter and I were like wilted bodies shuffling about the house in utter grief for the souls so cruelly lost. Indeed, the whole world is grieving. I attended the mass at Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral this morning (Sunday), thousands there praying for all victims and it was touching when one message was sent to all the nation “Let’s bring them home” – 37 Australians perished among them a nun, teacher at a Girls’ High School and students came in their school uniforms.

    • My heart stopped for a couple of seconds, my mouth open and I had to work to breathe again. I can only imaging what families must have felt back.

      • inavukic says:

        Yes, and the sorrow gets deeper as the remains are carted away to undisclosed location, just awful 😦

      • It is heart breaking. If one of those bodies were someone I love … I found my late husband dead in the study. How awful if he had been treated like a side of beef. We can only hold them up in our prayers. All prayers will reach Divinity. God forgive us all for letting our planet get into such a dangerous and hate filled place. End the Violence, please.

      • inavukic says:

        Oh, it must have broken your heart finding your husband dead. God bless. And not treating dead bodies with the respect they deserve as is happening in Ukraine is such a violent act too – violates the ultimate human right and that is to be treated with love and respect and those who love those that got murdered cannot express their love fully without even knowing where the remains are. Just to awful and sad.

      • That was truly beautiful and I want you to know that I think you are an angel among mere mortals. There is healing within you. You bring light to the darkness of this world. Hugs, Barbara

      • inavukic says:

        Touched! Thank you, Barbara

  7. hsohail95 says:

    You should also see the brutality that is happening in Kashmir nowadays. Children, women and men… no one is spared.

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