Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

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Images From A Mid Summer Wedding ❤ ❤ ❤

the kiss A  Kiss

I Captured A  Kiss as the bride and groom serenaded each other at the reception

Bridesmaid and friends Bridesmaid and friends

A walk through Summer grasses Before the Wedding A walk through Summer grasses Before the Wedding

The Bride is ostensibly hiding behind a Tardis so the groom won’t see her. Note the grass is brown this summer…

Weekly Photo Challenge Summer Lovin’  The assignment is to show something I love about Summer What’s not to love about a  Mid-Summer Wedding?

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Me, “The Way ” Gaza, Israel, and Desmund Tutu

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There are times when I question myself as far as what my place is in regards to causes and the injustices in our world. I empathize with the young Buddha as he explored the world outside his palace for the first time as a young child. He saw the plows opening the earth and was amazed with what he saw, he saw mother earth being cut open and violated. He saw the poor and the helpless all the while questioning why and how or what he could or should do about it. I am of course not Buddha I am a spiritual being living as a simple man.

I have been studying so many different spiritual perspectives shared by so many spiritual beings past and present as well as the laws that govern our Universe as the great Lau Tzu or Buddha may have expressed it “The Way or…

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How A Bus Is Changing The Lives Of The Homeless..

The Daily Binge

Most of us have suffered through the frustration of needing to quickly get ready for work, only to have to wait for a roommate to finish his shower. Now imagine having to share that shower with not one or two other people, but hundreds.

That’s precisely the situation facing San Francisco’s estimated 6,436 homeless residents, who currently have just seven places in the city where they can shower.

But now an old public bus in San Francisco has been converted into a portable shower station to provide hygienic bathrooms to the homeless.


The bus, converted by nonprofit LavaMae, contains two private showers and toilets and provides towels and soap. The creators say it’s more about providing individual comfort than ending homelessness.

But despite the fact that the showers could help some homeless people stay clean as public showers around the city close, they don’t enjoy unanimous support.

Some critics say…

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Hearing Deficit

Learning My Path Towards God

IMG_1118Lost in life is what I am. More than just a lost lamb who can easily be mislead. It used to be when ever I was confused on which direction to go while driving I’ve been able to find a friendly gas station attendant or a kind person to call upon. These people who help were so cute! They’d point this way then that way offering tidbits of what to look for besides street signs and because of their help  I am back on the road with in minutes heading in the right direction with confidence.

Not in life there’s not much to look for that can be seen in guidance on what to do. I’ve tried praying and I do still keep at the prayers with wanting so badly to hear pointers. I gotta change my direction but where to?  With my hearing deficit this may not be the…

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Happiness or Elation?

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A sense unknown.

A perception.

A smile resulting from a smile.

A story so cute, you can’t shut the teller up.

A moment so selfless.

A sensation so unadulterated.

A pet pal, overjoyed at your return.

A wife sleeping so sound.

A face so calm yet sure.

A heartfelt greeting.

A voice that whispers in your ears in the morning – “Wake up sweet heart!”.

A joke that tickles the child in you.

A note that fills your day with bloom.

A song that parallels the days feeling.

An inspirational moment.

A moment of pure genius.

A tear of peace from silence in the heart, in the mind, in the air.

That’s Happiness for me.

Whatever it is, it’s definitely a feeling I forgot a long time back, and I can only guess if that’s happiness I remember. That night of rejoice, of yelling till the throat hurt, of hugs…

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