Indian village council accused of ordering revenge rape of teen | Al Jazeera America

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The attack was retaliation for a sex assault blamed on her brother, police officials say

A 14-year-old girl was dragged into a forest and raped on the orders of a village council in remote eastern India in retaliation for a sexual assault blamed on her brother, her family and police said Friday.

Jitendra Singh, a top local police official, said two men have been arrested in the teenage girl’s rape. The suspects include the village headman and the main suspect, identified as the husband of the woman who was allegedly molested by the girl’s brother.

The attack on the girl took place after midnight on Sunday in a small village in Jharkhand state’s Bokaro district. Some reportsindicated the victim was as young as 10 years old.

The victim’s brother has also been arrested on charges of molestation.

The girl’s mother told India’s CNN-IBN news channel that she pleaded with the…

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Happy Summer Weekend!


We had a couple of nice weather day’s this week, a couple of rainy and stormy days, and a couple of hot days. The dogs were happy to go out on the nice days and as always Chase was out with us even when it was hot. We got some more chores done around the property and started on some inside things that need to get done. Inside chores are best done during the hot parts of the day.

Polar Bear show

The heat reminded me of the polar bear above, that we saw at the Zoo in Louisville, KY when we took our trip in May. It was a hot day and he was just having so much fun jumping in the water and swimming all over his enclosure. It was like he was putting on a show for everyone and the more “awwww’s” and “wow’s” he got the better his show…

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Delightful Summer Salad

Health & Wellness by Lexa's Journal

To look at me, you wouldn’t think I enjoy food, but I do!  Today I tried a new Quinoa Chickpea and Avocado Salad recipe.  It was delightful!! My mouth is watering again, just thinking about it.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, which brings me to the main point of this post.  If you are serious (not just giving lip service) about getting on track to eating better, there is no magic formula.

Allow yourself to be free to try to acquire a taste for new foods. I perfectly understand being squeamish about eating delicacies of foreign origin.  But how can you turn your nose up to natural foods that grow from God’s soil?

Many of the foods I eat today, I was not exposed to as a child.  Some I more recently started eating and did so only out of a want to appreciate and to make healthier…

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