Alone in USA


My family said I don’t take this whole moving to america serious. I kept saying I’m going to go surfing on Venice Beach, I’m going to hang out with my friends in Malibu. But there was one thing I’ve not taken in consideration. My life.

It’s not going to be easy to give up almost everything I have and achieved and just start a new life. Here is my family and I’m going to miss them. My Dad left the country for 4 days and I already missed him. That was the point when I realized it’s going to be hard without my parents. I’m not going to see them for 4 months until I come back for the holidays.

Also there are my friends. Days are passing really really quickly and to be honest i’m having a great summer vacation. I hang out with my friends almost every day…

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“Imagine” Cover ….. Wow!!

It Is What It Is


~~February 1, 2014~~

You’ve Never Heard A Cover Of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Like This One

Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist who has taken 6,700 seized and decommissioned guns donated by the Mexican government and turned them into … musical instruments. (Wouldn’t have been my first guess.)

The result is a haunting version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” like nothing I’ve ever heard before. A man is playing a flute made from a gun.

Need we say more?


Imagine Concierto



We ALL are ONE!! 


Just Imagine!! 


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Same-Sex Life Partnership – A Step Forward In Croatian Democracy

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatian Parliament votes on same sex life partnership law Photo: Cropix Croatian Parliament votes on
same-sex life partnership law
Photo: Cropix

Homophobia was the social norm in communist Yugoslavia

The significant levels of homophobia that regrettably still exist in Croatia (as it does in other countries) are not solely the product of Catholic indoctrination over the years as many, including the current communist-nostalgic government, would like to claim but rather the product of complex historical circumstances in which harsh opposition to gay sexual orientation had also been a communist party driven oppressive social norm for more than half of the communist Yugoslavia’s existence. While one can come across many media articles and reporting that tend to spin the politically coloured story that Croatia’s government officials recently challenged the Catholic Church opposition to gay marriage and passed the “life partnership” law to create greater rights for same-sex unions, the truth on the ground is evidently far more complex than that.

Same-sex sexual…

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Five steps to mindfulness

the Hunt for Truth


What is Bloggers for Peace?Simple is best when beginning anything. So, today, I’ll give you a simple practice for making the most of every moment. This technique comes from Thich Nhat Hanh. Use this practice for a month — if you are low on energy or if you are lacking sometimes in concentration, you will notice a substantial difference — or if this sort of practice is entirely new to you. 

Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the world’s leading teachers of mindfulness and meditation. He claims that life is available only in the here and the now; it is our true home.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness meditation is simple and isn’t at all religious.


I’ll summarize his most basic teaching here. 

Thich presents mindfulness (here and the now) living as a practice of five simple steps that you can use in just about very moment of your day.

1) Mindful Breathing
2) Concentration

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